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BitcoinTalk for ICO – All You Need to Know

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The Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) markets are the fastest in the world. As soon as the ICO phenomenon began to gain momentum in early 2017, all crypto-currency bloggers and notable media mentioned BitcoinTalk as one of the key components of success, often calling it the most desirable target audience

All ICOs advertise (ANN-posts) about themselves and the majority of them launch their bonus campaigns on BitcoinTalk, while all Reliable ICO listings require hyperlinks to ANN-posts when integrating projects. Thus, it can be said that at the present time, BitcoinTalk is a de facto mandatory standard for any project making or planning to make an initial offer of parts.

What is BitcoinTalk?

Modern BitcoinTalk is the largest and one of the oldest forums dedicated to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies on the Internet. It was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 22, 2009 and directly succeeds its first SourceForge forum, which is now lost.

Initially, BitcoinTalk was a forum where people interested in technical details and everything related to Bitcoin software could communicate with each other. Now it hosts a lot of different sections covering all the major areas of the cryptocurrency world, including one made specifically for country offices. Thanks to its huge user base (more than 464,000 community members) BitcoinTalk has quickly become a valuable source of traffic for everything related to cryptocurrency.

History of a startup

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Its ANN messages and bounty on BitcoinTalk on Monday, October 2nd. We have decided that during the first two weeks of our ICO campaign, we will not be doing any user acquisition activities besides BitcoinTalk. We wanted to talk to the community, gather feedback and fully understand how BitcoinTalk works and how it can help us grow the project.

Before launching our campaign, we did a lot of research on the subject. , read all the information we were able to gather and found out that there was virtually no serious work completely and completely covering this topic. The purpose of this material is to fill this information gap.

Table of Contents

The Assembly

ANN-post and all that related thereto

To be able to publish advertisements and bonus messages, you must have an account on the forum, but if you plan to make a beautiful post "branded" with images, your account must be at least in a Jr. member rank, which means having at minus 30 activity points. In order to get this, you must participate in the life of the forum – communicate with other people in different forums.

BitcoinTalk awards points using the following pattern:

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A publication or comment = an activity point, but as soon as you reach 14 points, your score ceases to grow for the current two-week period. Despite this fact, your activity is tracked and your points are recorded, but not assigned to your account at this time.

At the beginning of the next two-week period, the process starts again – your activity points continue to grow (even if you have not done anything during this new period, your points of activity previously saved are now assigned) until you reach the next +14 points. In this way, in order to collect the above 30 points, you must actively communicate on the forum for at least four weeks and two days. You must keep this in mind if you plan to publish your ad by a certain date.


You should also note that your account could be banned en route if you make a large number of out-of-topic messages and change your geo-IP often and inconsistently, so we suggest you start with at least five accounts that you plan to bring to junior rank. We had four, three of them were banned.

In addition to the internal level of BitcoinTalk accounts, there are two possible solutions to this situation:

  • Find someone who has a Jr. or higher member account and ask him to publish your ANN / Bounty post for you, but keep in mind that you will probably need to update your messages during the campaign, so that person should be eager to help you time
  • Buy an account. This method is not prohibited on BitcoinTalk but is not encouraged. You must remember that there is a risk (rather low) that your newly purchased account may be banned shortly after the purchase. You may be banned for a variety of reasons:

– change or regularly Geo-IP

– a complaint that the accounts you have just purchased has been stolen

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– because some of the users of the forum inspect users who are actively communicating in topics of interest to them, in order to find high-level accounts with unnatural behaviors (for example, the account was inactive for three months and started to comment positively only) in order to report them for unfair thread pumping.

Usually, the bans on BitcoinTalk are temporary, but getting one can be very annoying to your campaign.

In order to minimize the risks, we advise you to create your own accounts and develop them up to the rank of junior member. You should start doing this at least a month and two days before the planned date of publication of your ANN-post.

Here you will find a complete list of features and restrictions applicable to each account.

In case you still want to risk and buy an account, we have studied the question for you. Here are the prices you can see on the forums end of November – mid-December *:

  • Jr. Member – from 30 EUR;
  • Member – from 56 EUR;
  • Full member – EUR 90;
  • Senior Member – from 120 EUR;
  • Hero Member – from 195 EUR;
  • Legendary Member – from 310 EUR

* Note: Prices vary a lot, they depend on the history of the supplier and the account, only in Account rank function, but the given figures provide a real understanding of the current state of the market.

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When buying an account on BitcoinTalk, it is highly advisable to use a service. Escrow is experienced and respected senior members of the forum who act as third parties in your arrangement and guarantee that your deal will be concluded without fraud. Below you will find a list of BitcoinTalk members who may be contacted to provide escrow services. The list is decreasing – the man with the highest level of trust is displayed above. The structure is as follows: nickname, escrow commission takes the case, the minimum amount of escrow reward receives in any case *:

  • OgNasty – 1%, min. 0.01 BTC
  • Tomatocage – 1%;
  • Blazr – 1%, min. 0.01 BTC;
  • Lyth0s – 1%, min. 0.01 BTC;
  • bitpop – 0.001 BTC;
  • Anon136 – 0.9%, min. 0.01 BTC;
  • TwinWinNerD – 1%, 0.01 BTC;
  • Dabs – 1%, min. 0.03 BTC.

* freely available numbers, you can try to lower them by addressing yourself to one of the users mentioned in the personal messages. a well-known fact that beautiful images sell better than nude text, engage the user and grab his attention, he can add value and help to position your product against the competition.

On BitcoinTalk you can create both simple and discreet publications, as well as rich and beautiful publications full of images, but there are many nuances you need to know before deciding on the type of ANN-post that you should use.

BitcoinTalk is not a mobile-friendly platform. There is no direct option to create an adaptive ANN / Bounty poster for mobile devices, but the default layout is fluid, which means that all your text and images will be reduced to fit current resolution requirements. You can take this into account when preparing your design and make the content of your images larger than necessary to make it better on mobile phones, but it's entirely up to you.

<img alt=" BitcoinTalk "src =" "title =" BitcoinTalk "/>

In the first two weeks after our initial launch, we did not advertise or We saw that most of the traffic came from the office (over 85%), that's why the post "mobile-friendly" is a Ineffective approach

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Another feature of BitcoinTalk's fluid layout is that items that are specifically positioned in a single line. [img] [/img] [img] [/img]when viewed on a mobile device, can break that line and create a second line, despite the fact that there is enough horizontal space for them in the initial row.

<img alt=" BitcoinTalk "src = " e3 .jpg "title =" BitcoinTalk "/>

How to tag and test your message

BitcoinTalk, as many other forums use BBcode to tag its content to the Inside the publications. The implementation of BBcode is rather standard but limited. We would even say old to be precise. Working with ordered and unordered multilevel lists, for example, is a more complicated process than on modern phpBB / IPB forums

The message should be tagged and tested in personal messages ( My messages New message ). You should send your layout to yourself or to your other account so that no one complains that you are spamming personal messages.

<img alt=" New post "src =" "title =" New post "/>

Before d & # 39; send your test message, you can check out its preview version, which could show you what your message will look like once published, but unfortunately this is not quite true In the preview version of the publication, the CSS styles applied to images with hyperlinks are different from those applied in the actual publication, if you do not know.When you publish a post, all the images wrapped in the links receive an extra margin: 4px (four transparent pixels are added on the left side of the image), but you can not see this effect in Preview mode.

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Here is an example of this effect in E L & # 39; ANN-post of LIX:

<img alt=" ANN-post "src =" "title =" ANN-post "/>

Now that you know this nuance, all the iterations of your bet on page should be sent to you in personal messages and then examined in My Messages →

Inbox ] (sent messages count as publications and BitcoinTalk uses the same CSS styles)

In this step, additional shades that slow down your work speed appear. If you are annotating and testing your layout with a freshly registered user, each time you press Preview or Send Message, you must enter a captcha (thankfully, it does not change for a few hours, so you would be able to 39 in memory by heart). For new users (<16 points of activity) these personal message sending restrictions apply:

  • A message in six minutes;
  • Not more than five messages per hour.

Based on this information, we recommend once again strongly to create multiple accounts on BitcoinTalk and in case of meeting these limits, start doing the same thing, but different account.

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Note: Unfortunately, BitcoinTalk recently forced the same image publishing rules to use the personal messages that it uses in publications. This means that if your account is less than the Jr. member, you can only publish text (the image tags will be converted to hyperlinks), even in private messages.

How to extract the BBcode from the ANN-post you like

To simplify the ANN-post markup process (that is, not to do everything from zero), you can take any post tag as a base. It's very easy to do, but generally, people who do not work with forums do not know it.

Let's say you like the post UTRUST. In order to see its BBcode markup, you must login to BitcoinTalk and press the quote button:

<img alt=" Quote button "src =" / 8b471caab74e04cc33f167d9b7ac50a7.jpg "title =" Quote Button "/>

As soon as you do this, a window with an answer comment will appear, where in the body of the message a BBcode of UTRUST's post ANN will be" "All you need is located inside the labels [quote] and [/quote]. Just copy this code and continue working with it locally:

<img alt=" Poster answer "src =" http: // "title =" Post an answer "/>

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BitcoinTalk n & # 39; not host your images, ie you can not upload images to their servers lor s of the design of a post, as you can on average. You can refer to an image already uploaded to a server, preferably yours (with the same domain name as your website), using a hyperlink. If you do not have a personal dedicated server on which you are storing images, or for any reason, you may use image hosting services such as:

That's where another nuance appears – BitcoinTalk Image Proxy. Theoretically, it was designed to block the loading of images that exceed 2.5 megabytes, but in practice, it periodically blocks the rendering of images of different accommodations for no apparent reason, showing you the following message: " proxy image: [image incorrecte]. "

The main problem here is that your ANN-post images can trigger Proxy Image not when they are rendered for the first time, but three days after publication, is exactly what we are arrived.)

It is advisable to download your complete picture set to different hosting services from the beginning and prepare multiple BBCode copies of your message with different image links . In case you encounter this proxy image behavior, you will be ready to react to this situation by editing the post and instantly changing all broken images to new, functioning – this way you will minimize the chances of reputation. In our tests, we discovered that it is safer to use Imgur hosting services. That's probably the case because Imgur is the most popular image hosting service currently and many companies are hosting their ANN and Bounty post images there, so it's bothering them with Proxy image is disadvantageous for the forum as a whole

Note: You may encounter a situation where you open your published article (or sent a personal message) and find images that are not displayed. It's a standard situation – no need to worry, just refresh the page several times. This happens often and most BitcoinTalk commoners know it, so they will easily refresh your page if necessary.

Image Optimization

All pretty ANN-posts are made images – some projects use small amounts of images, but very large ones, while that others use a lot of small images. Because all images are examined by BitcoinTalk Image Proxy, their loading speed is not something to be desired. The general rule is this: the smaller the size of your images, the faster they load and the less Image Proxy related issues.

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To reduce the size of your image, use it preferably lossless algorithms.

These services can help you achieve this goal:

For all those who wish to deepen this subject, we advise you to consult these materials:

  • ImageOptim -CLI – comparative performance analysis of image optimization tools
  • rking with images (UK) – set of articles with detailed instructions of the l-39 Art Lebedev Studio employees describe how to get picture quality m maximum while reaching the minimum size.

Do you really need to bother, how can this be effective? Let's compare ANN post from our project – Forty Seven Bank and ANN post from Tokenbox. Our canvas is much longer than Tokenbox's. We have more graphic content.

Forty Sept: 38 images, total file size – 824 kilobytes

Tokenbox: 8 images, total file size – 2.26 megabytes.

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the difference is 2.74

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of ANN Publications

In terms of markup specificities, all messages can be divided into four types distinct. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Text ANN post

Example – Blue Ethereum.


  • This type of publication is faster and easier to take than any other text because it contains only text
  • This type of publication can be published without having a Rated account which means you will have to spend less time preparing it, you will not have to buy an account or ask for help. someone & # 39; a;
  • This type of message can be translated very quickly in other languages ​​(eg bounty campaign), which will offer you greater audience coverage in much shorter time frames. Translators will not have to play with your Photoshop files and change the texts on the pictures there:
  • This type of publication is very easy to edit as there is no need to change images in graphic editors.
  • The translators and community managers responsible for the ANN and Bounty localized messages in your campaign will be able to update their feeds with your changes more quickly, so the new information will be spread more quickly.
  • Text messages look as good on mobile devices as on the desktop;
  • Text messages are loaded faster than all other types of messages.


Simple Graphical Ann Post

The term simple term graph implies a canvas that consists almost entirely of a few or even a single image, which is created using a kind of graphic tool. This type of message is presented using a rule "one image per row."

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Example – UTRUST.


  • As the graphic images are not related to the rules and formatting capabilities of the forum elements, it is possible to 39; display your product as you wish without encountering any restrictions of structure and color. You can highlight important things and shape your elements freely.
  • This type of message makes it possible to effectively use storytelling techniques and to properly inform users of your project, even if they have begun to "read" your message somewhere in the middle
  • With this type of message, you can show the audience the skill level of your design and product teams as well as the seriousness of your approach to BitcoinTalk as a media channel;
  • This type of message is automatically better than most items created by the competition. It is also easier to remember than an ordinary text
  • This type of layout does not break down on mobile devices as it only has one image by row



A ANN ANNULAR complex is an article cut out and marked out so that all Images NOT covered by links have four transparent / background color pixels on the left side and all images covered by links are not. This type of article can have multiple image links placed on a line (for example, you can place image links of your documents on a horizontal line)

<img alt=" ] ANN ANNULAR complex post "src =" "title =" Complex ANN graphic "/>

Examples: Forty Seven Bank, eGold

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  • Almost all the advantages of simple graphical annunciation
  • This type of article can serve as a mini-website in a forum, where each image is a hypertext link leading to where you want to go. The horizontal layout of the images wrapped in the links can help shorten the length of the canvas while at the same time making it bigger.
  • It is easier to optimize without loss large amount of small images and receive a significant reduction in size than to optimize less, but very large images. the higher your charges are, the faster this load is, which is why this type of workstation usually loads faster than simple graphical support;
  • There is no visible "ladder" on the edge of the canvas. images wrapped in links.


  • Almost all the disadvantages of a simple article ANN chart;
  • Even more time is needed to prepare this type of message than is necessary to prepare a simple graphic post
  • You will have to work with the color back BitcoinTalk plan (# ECEDF3), whether you like it or not.
  • On mobile devices, horizontally placed image links can sometimes collapse and create a second row of images, which breaks your layout.

Ann Hybrid Message

Hybrid message in a subject that uses a combination of images and richly formatted text.

Examples: Sintez, BPC, Tokenbox.



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