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Bitcomo CEO Ivan Karadzhov explains high-performance affiliate marketing on the Blockchain

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Performance marketing is popular because advertisers only pay for specific actions, such as sales conversions and records. Although the cost per share (CPA) offers one of the best returns on investment in affiliate marketing, much of the advertising dollars is still lost due to the cost of friction, including fraud, errors and late payments. increased cost of customer acquisition.

Ivan Karadzhov, CEO of Bitcomo, explains how the ecosystem Bitcomo operating on his own cryptocurrency on the blockchain can provide a more efficient platform for the payment to the performance affiliate marketing. First actor of the management of a decentralized CPA network on the blockchain, Bitcomo sees its current role of market educator, preparing the market for the inevitable day when the digital advertising market will work on blockchain technology .

Karadzhov expects the benefits of cost and efficiency to drive the entire digital advertising market to blockchain. The cost benefits of open and distributed databases include a potential reduction in advertiser costs up to 40%, freeing up funds to spend on generating leads in affiliate markets. The cryptographically secure intelligent contract eliminates fraud and other deceptive practices, which are becoming more and more invasive through the use of bots. At the forefront of CPA marketing, Bitcomo benefits from the accumulation of feedback and the attraction of users to its affiliate network on the blockchain.

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Creation of buzz marketing

As a revenue generating affiliate network, with a highly experienced team of advertising executives and an expert advisory team, Bitcomo says that she could give up the ICO. It's creating a marketing buzz for his new blockchain marketing business, says Karadzhov. The process also demonstrates technology to startups that Bitcomo seeks to attract to the future. In addition to conducting smart contract projects on the blockchain, in partnership with WAVES, Bitcomo serves as a launch platform and affiliate marketing network for ICO startups.

At the same time, Bitcomo introduced the TraceChain market, a high-performance blockchain developed by Bitcomo's partner MetaHash. The slow speed of the blockchain has been an obstacle to the execution of practical applications. Some workarounds have included the use of side-chains such as the off-network Lightning network. Bitcomo's solution is TraceChain, which can process 100,000 transactions or more per second. This compares to 4-5 transactions per second on the blockchain ethereum. The improved performance allows an affiliate market to monitor, track and record all actions (from clicks to sales conversions) on the transparent blockchain in real time. The data is securely stored in smart contract nodes, providing a tamper-proof CPA network, a first in the industry.

The robust blockchain upgrade allows the Bitcomo CPA network to process up to 200 million traffic clicks per day and 60,000 transactions per second. "TraceChain will support our online advertising and expansion projects in a single blockchain-based global marketing network, and as we move to other projects, the demand for chips will increase, creating a steady growth in the value of BM, "says Karadzhov.

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The Bitcomo BM Token

While most tokens take their nickname from their business name, "BM" does not mean Bitcomo but "Blockchain Marketing". the independent motto for online marketing on the blockchain. "The marketing token should be independent of all external factors, including exchange rates, inflation and national economies and policies." When the online marketing industry is grouped into a single blockchain system , BM becomes the central currency for buying traffic, recruiting web designers and developers, generating leads and even paying for hosting services, "says Karadzhov.

The sale of tokens puts $ 500 million of chips at $ 0.3 available to ensure sufficient liquidity in the network to support CPA network operations. The product of the OIC will be used for marketing. The advertising buzz around the BM token should generate demand and, in turn, increase the value of the token, which will also be available on various exchanges of cryptocurrency.

Karadzhov is suspected of the hype surrounding many ICOs, based on white papers and media advertising sponsorship deals. "Eventually, hysteria around current cryptocurrency projects will fade, and they will have to do more sophisticated marketing and quality."

Projects that invest early in successful, proven marketing techniques are more likely to do well. Unfortunately, many invest in no more than one landing page in the pre-ICO phase. The value of launching a startup based on a professional and proven CPA affiliate marketing platform will ultimately be evident. Bitcomo's Value Proposition is to provide a professional and safe marketing and ICO platform for cryptocurrency startups. In doing so, it creates a model for the global market transition of blockchain affiliates.

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