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Bitfinex goes into maintenance mode when the Bitcoin price reaches a record level

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Update: Bitfinex is operational again and trading reaches a new historical high of $ 6,450. exchange.

Bitcoinx Bitcoin Exchange and Trading Platform Major Bitfinex is currently offline due to maintenance as the price of bitcoins is approaching a new record.

Bitfinex, the world's largest bitcoin exchange in transaction volume, is currently experiencing a power outage, with the exchange citing an unexpected "infrastructure maintenance" as the reason for the unavailability.

By its status page, Bitfinex explained:

These updates are critical for the platform and must be performed to ensure the platform's long-term stability and scalability.

The trading platform insists that the interruption is short-term and that traders should suffer a blackout for 20 minutes. "During this period, the trading and financing platforms may not be available and no deposit or withdrawal will be processed," adds a statement.

At the time of going to press, it is now longer than the 20 minutes mentioned above, as users continue to see the following banner when they access the portal of the website.

The latest transaction recorded on Bitfinex shows the traded value of bitcoin at $ 6,319.8 at a time when cryptocurrency reached a new all-time record in other markets. On Bitstamp, bitcoin reached a new historical record of $ 6,363.

Bitstamp courtesy table from BitcoinSagesse

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