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Bitfinex struggles with the withdrawal of money, community observers predict the MtGox scenario

Several Bitfinex community observers report serious problems with the withdrawal of money on the stock market, which could become the next MtGox. The risk may be related to the connection between Tether and Bitfinex and concerns about censored information that would normally be included in an audit.

Some users claim that the company puts its users at risk and will eventually result in major losses through fraudulent business practices. According to a Twitter user, 'Bitfinex' ed:

In addition, affected users notice significant price fluctuations and compare them to business practices marginals of Bitfinex. These users on Twitter fear that the market is displaced by the major trades. Consider the following comment via Twitter:

Bitfinex the next MtGox?

Clearly, the risk of over-inflation of bad news is real. Consumers are worried about their financial situation and may offer risk assessments based more on anxiety than on the actual analysis. Nevertheless, many of the concerned users seem to make public specific observations at the same time as a careful analysis.

The user Bitfinex's ed, for example, has a long article from Medium explaining the deep concerns that he sees in the Bitfinex / Tether. Partnership. Another Twitter user suggested similar concerns about price manipulation, saying:

Assuming the best of Bitfinex, he would seem to be a good business practice to clarify their inner workings in the light of general public anxiety. Cointelegraph has reached out to Bitfinex to ask them to clarify the situation and will update this story as soon as a comment will be published.

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