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BitLim Announces Pre-sale and Official Take-off

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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a major boost like never before seen in the history of digital currencies. Bitcoin brought about a revolution technology and Blockchain as a whole, now several companies are following in BTC’s footsteps and there has been an overwhelming rush of new coins and this is just the beginning.

With all these companies launching their coins and conducting ICO’s, it is expected that there’ll be a stiff battle for supremacy in the Blockchain. All these among other factors will lead to volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Trading these currencies has already become a lucrative venture and will continue to be so. This is where BitLim comes in.

BitLim has come to provide its users safe and reliably fast digital currency exchange service that will run for 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week (you probably know that the Blockchain is decentralized and not controlled by any bank, government or institution).

The team behind BitLim consists of the best minds from OKcoin (a digital asset trading platform), Microsoft (one of the biggest technological and software companies on earth) and Morgan Stanley (a leading global financial services firm); bringing together a combined experience from the technology world, the New York Stock Exchange financial trading know-how and the digital trading environment.

Benefits of Using the BitLim Platform

  • Buying and selling orders are extremely simple to place.
  • Very fast exchange; thanks to the memory-matching system of megabits per second
  • Secure HTTPS connection; all your transactions and information are protected.
  • Supports multiple digital currencies
  • Super-responsive website with easy navigation.
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Apart from trading digital currencies, BitLim is also offering tokens of its own coins called BMT to the general cryptoverse. Built on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol, BitLim is bringing a total of 300,000,000 BMT into the market with 270,000,000 BMT available for pre-sale. BMT will be available for trading on the BitLim platform from the 30th of January 2018. If all 270,000,000 tokens are not sold during the pre-sale, the remaining tokens will be burned, never to be re-issued.

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The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies has provided an avenue for BitLim to really shine and provide a stable trading environment.

BitLim has a referral program that gives you BMT tokens when you refer people and more commission when the invitee buys BMT tokens. You also get 50 BMT when you sign up.

Note however, that BMT can only be bought with ETH and EOS. Be informed that BitLim is not accepting residents or citizens of the United States (or its dependencies), China and Singapore at this time.

Feel free to check out the Website:

If you have further questions and enquiries, contact support here:

Do well to follow BitLim on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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