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Bitlim is a new Professional Cryptocurrency Exchange Promising Great Things to Come

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing mushrooming growth around the world with plenty new exciting ones entering the market in the near future to add to the already increasing competition. Bitlim is a new exciting new virtual currency exchange that is undergoing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) right now. The cryptocurrency exchange is based on the blockchain rather than being centrally hosted and thus it is much more secure than central exchanges that have reported several breaches and stolen cryptocurrency in the past.

The platform’s founding team has worked in the prestigious companies of the world including Microsoft and Morgan Stanley. The platform is aiming at improving cryptocurrency trading experience around the world.

The new exchange offers:

  • Secure transactions

The transactions in the new BitLim exchange are secured with a multi-cluster system structure that ensures trouble free transactions.

  • Free tokens upon sign up

Any user wishing to trade in cryptocurrency can register on the Bitlim platform and get free 50 BMT tokens as a starting reward. Right now, the new platform is undergoing crowdfunding but once it is complete, the tokens will be available for trading purposes on the new BItlim platform. The ICO will continue till January 30, 2018 and after that the tokens will automatically be available for trading purposes on the new exchange.

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  • Multi Currency support

The new cryptocurrency exchange platform is offering trading in all major virtual currencies including ETH, BCH, ETC, EOS, XRP and ofcourse BTC. Trading pairs will slowly be increased but right now it is available with BTC.

  • High speed/ Top performance
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The new exchange offers concurrent access from different platforms with a very user friendly outlook for all types of users. If a user has not traded in cryptocurrency before, there is no need to worry as the platform guides a new user for its first trading options.

  • Free tokens for referring friends

You can also invite other people to the new exchange’s ICO. The Bitlim platform is offering great rewards for this referral program. If a user’s referred friend signs up on the Bitlim, he gets 20 BMT + 10% of BMT the invitee buys + 50% fee commission all for free. So, if a user can invite enough people on the new exchange, he will get a good amount of tokens for free that he can trade later on in the same exchange.


The Bitlim ICO is focused on raising funds for the further development of the platform and to engage as many potential traders on the platform as possible that is why they have such a generous referral program. Right now, the price is set at 1 ETH = 6,000 BMT but the more BMT you buy, the more discount you get. The maximum discount is 20% for an investment of 10 ETH. The hard cap is set at 100 million BMT.

According to the developers of the developers of Bitlim, they are willing to buy back the BMT tokens and burn them once they start getting profit from the system at the current market price. While that doesn’t happen, BMT holders will enjoy discount in transaction fees and other benefits.

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Name: Bitlim