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BitTime Fork SegWit2x: eToro draws battle lines while OKEx could serve China

The Bitcoin industry continues to adopt different approaches to SegWit2x while EToro and OKEx emit their positions on the Bitcoin fork.

In last week's statements, eToro has become one of the most skeptical trading platforms, opting for limited SegWit2x support and completely avoiding the Bitcoin Gold fork.

"… In the case of the next Bitcoin2X fork" There is no Replay Protection, which can lead to transaction errors and double spending, "writes a blog

eToro adds that it will continue to apply the BTC ticker to the Bitcoin Core channel, unlike Xapo said that BTC could mean the SegWit2x channel if it received adequate support.

Conservative views like eToro have been supported by community commentators, with the popular commentator WhalePanda ev., Endorsing the companies that treat SegWit2x as an altcoin.

OKEx as to It has taken a more inclusive stance: Arriving at the moment when a major p2p trading offer is about to start, rumors say that on Monday, the support of the 2x stock market could affect the huge Chinese domestic market [1945] 9004]

"… As a company dedicated to Bitcoin Application promotion, we strive to provide the best services to our customers. Therefore, we will support all the main Bitcoin technical development roadmaps and will respect the individual wishes of our customers, "OKEx wrote in its correspondent statement.

" The Token […] Supporting Segwit2x will be named BT2, the token derived from the original string will be named BT1. If the hardfork occurs then BT1 will be renamed to BTC. "