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Bjork's latest album available only with crypto-coins, displays adoption

Recognized for being nervous, the musician Bjork announced that her latest album, Utopia, will only be available in cryptocurrence. The artist will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH and AudioCoin. Interestingly, the album can not be purchased using normal fiat currency.

The move by the musician may seem like a marketing strategy to appear unique and attract attention at a time when the rise of Bitcoin has introduced crypto-currencies into the mainstream. . However, according to Kevin Bacon of Blockpool:

"This is really not a marketing strategy with Björk, it's a decision to be a leader, in fact , it's just the thing to do for If I were not involved in this project, I would expect Björk to be a leader in this field, and that his team will do creative things with crypto. "

Virtuous Cycles of Satoshi

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies increases, the price and the number of transactions increase, resulting in greater stability of price, and stability increases the conventional adoption.This process of adoption and stability is considered a Satoshi cycle.

The Bjork albums offer is simply a new step in the scale of adoption and stability: the cryptocurrency market continues to gain ground prices follow the adoption curve and simultaneously drive the adoption curve.