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Black Friday in numbers: Another year of electronic commerce records

From one end to the other of the table, figures from several reports indicate a strong online launch of the holiday season.

After predicting that e-commerce revenues will reach a record $ 100.7 billion at the end of the year, Adobe reports that online retail sales reached $ 5.03 billion , up 16.9% over last year.

"Adobe has forecast $ 5 billion of spending for Black Friday.This holiday season so far (November 1-24) shows $ 38.3 billion in online shopping revenue, 17, 8 percent growth from one year to the next.This is just above Adobe's $ 0.7 billion forecast, "says Adobe in a statement. press announcing its results of the holiday weekend.

By following 80% of the online transactions of the 100 largest US online retailers, Adobe claims that $ 7.50 of every $ 10 spent online goes through its system.

On Black Friday, Adobe claims that 54.3% of merchant site visits and 36.9% of revenue are on a mobile device, with tablet conversion rates up 13% and smartphones up 16, 5%.

The average order value (AOV) by Adobe data was $ 135. Monetate, a customization software for brands, recorded a slightly higher AOV during Black Friday at $ 142.86. Tracking 200 million consumer digital touchpoints on desktops, mobile phones and tablets compared to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Monetate AOV reports for desktops were the highest of all channels at 173 , $ 92.

Looking at the mobile, Monetate said he saw the page views of Thanksgiving Day increase by 30% over last year.

Tracking the online behavior of 350 million consumers, Salesforce claims that mobile phones accounted for 60% of traffic to retail sites, up from 53% last year.

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"Buyers are not just looking at phones," says Salesforce in a note on Black Friday's results: "Forty-two percent of Black Friday's orders were spent from a phone."

According to Salesforce, Black Friday saw a 24 percent increase in digital commerce. Combined digital trading for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday represented a 26% growth rate, nearly double the 15% growth recorded in the third quarter of this year.

Salesforce Flash Report for Digital Commerce on Black Friday

Shopify, an e-commerce platform, claims that more than 500,000 merchants who use its software cumulatively have had their highest Black Friday sales to date.

"More than $ 1,000,000 in sales crossed the platform per minute at the top, surpassing the record high of $ 555,716 last year," said Shopify in a press release covering the numbers. Friday.

Shopify claims that 66% of the orders it followed were made on a mobile device – against 58% of the mobile orders that she saw in 2016.

Rakuten Marketing's Thanksgiving and Black Friday online retail sales results followed those of other companies, showing overall growth. The digital marketing and analytics platform indicates that Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday have experienced a combined 23% year-over-year growth in online revenue.

According to Rakuten, the mobile phone business turnover grew by 43% over the whole week of Thanksgiving (Sunday-Friday), with mobile purchases up 34% and AOV by 7% . Rakuten indicates that the peak period for revenue and purchases during the Thanksgiving-Black Friday shopping period was at 14:00. AND black Friday.

The firm also looked at click-through rates and interaction with ads, finding that both activities surged during the week before the holiday, with 154% click-through rates and a rate of 111% commitment.

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"Consumers were looking for products for their holiday shopping gift list before peak days," says Rakuten. The company's CEO, Tony Zito, expects the upward growth in online holiday sales to continue through Cyber ​​Monday.

Adobe predicts Cyber ​​Monday will be the largest online shopping day in history, with sales of $ 6.6 billion, representing a growth of 16.5% year-over-year .

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