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Block.one responds to John Oliver after EOS Host Ribs EOS in the Crypto segment

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OliverBlock.one issued an open letter in response to host John Oliver after the comedian. EOS – in the episode on the theme of Sunday's cryptocurrency.

John Oliver Ribs' EOS, Brock Pierce in an episode with an encrypted theme

As NCC reported, Oliver devoted an entire episode to cryptocurrency, a subject that, in his words, "combines everything you do not understand about money" with "everything you do not understand."

Most viewers praised Oliver for his balanced overall vision of the ecosystem, but fans of the EOS blockchain project challenged the characterization of this cryptocurrency by the host – and his gigantic initial offering (ICO).

More specifically, Oliver is laughing at Block.one's partner, Brock Pierce, an early adopter of cryptocurrency known for his eccentricities.

After playing several excerpts from Pierce, including one in which he discussed his "unicorn wedding," Oliver said:

"I simply refuse to believe that a man who has time to organize a unicorn wedding in Burning Man is worthy of a billion and a half dollars. One was standing up to mow your lawn and gave you that exact speech, you would say to him, "No way, I do not trust you with my lawn." He'll just hold a warlock quinceañera on it. "

Oliver then expanded his criticism to make EOS the poster of the ICO craze, which saw a variety of questionable projects raise striking amounts of capital.

"Who knows, maybe EOS will be the next Google, I do not think so, and I certainly do not think it's worth more than a billion dollars at the moment, but I can I'm absolutely not, but I could be, "Oliver concludes.

Block.One responds to HBO host

On Tuesday, Block.one responded to Oliver's segment in an open letter published on the EOS blog.

In the statement, which was addressed to "Block Chainiver" (Oliver floated changing his name to increase his ratings, just as several companies did in an apparent attempt to inflate their stock prices), Block.one said that the company valued this segment and agreed with its general remarks on the appropriate research before investing cryptocurrency.

However, the company also rebuffed its critics a bit, arguing that the company's technical director – Dan Larimer – is immensely qualified as a developer, given that he's built both BitShares and Steem. He also noted that Larimer and other EOS developers are making steady progress in the development of the EOS blockchain and that these developments can be seen on the project's Github repository.

Block.one also revealed that – before the segment Last Week Tonight – the company and Brock Pierce had mutually agreed to part company while it was "making the transition to construction activities Community and independent investment ".

The company concluded its statement by acknowledging that there is room for improvement in the way it conducts business communications.

"As a growing company that creates value through an open source community, as opposed to proprietary proprietary software proprietary methods, we are aware of the importance of communications communications. Business firm, "said the company. "We take professional standards seriously and we are always striving to raise the bar as our business moves from start-up to aggressive growth."

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