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Blockchain and tokenization become accessible to the general public

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The way Blockchain technology has infiltrated the new wave of technological progress can no longer be ignored. It is slowly setting up to be a disruptive technology for all, and for every business to be able to use. However, it is difficult to obtain this use at this early stage.

Some major brands, especially high-tech ones such as IBM and Microsoft, have shown that they know how to use blockchain technology to get what they need. They have the infrastructure and support to make use of the technology.

However, this technology is available to all those who can find a use, whose uses are numerous, but its implementation is extremely difficult to obtain.

There is now a solution in Simple Token, a company that seeks to help mainstream applications to develop and deploy their own encrypted symbolic economies . The Blockchain, as well as its tokenization becomes an application-specific addition, without the usual difficulties of deploying an ICO.

Connecting the Blockchain to the Mainstream

There is still a lot to understand and do when it comes to using Blockchain technology for businesses, but its allure is that there is such a wide range of different ways that it can be used to solve problems and provide solutions.

This attraction has seen many companies ask "why not us?" Compared to the Blockchain revolution, in addition to adding a symbolic brand economy where it can have a huge advantage.

This gap between technology and applications and businesses is difficult and vast, but Simple Token thinks that they can fill it adequately. Simple Token will be the ones who can help companies deploy their own symbolic economies backed by crypto.

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In addition, Simple Token can help businesses enter the Blockchain business infrastructure without having to spend time and energy hitting and maintaining their own cryptographic tokens publicly tradable.

How does the ST Token

Through the use of Simple Token (ST) any company can create, launch and manage its own digital tokens economy system . He will be supported by the piece ST without the need to create and hit a new piece, and to face the problems that arise.

Then, through the use of the OpenST protocol, the same company can put these ST coins against their coins along the verifiable and transparent Blockchain.

Side chains are used to climb Ethereum without the limitations of the public Ethereum. The SaaS Simple Token platform then allows companies to manage and monitor their symbolic economy.

Simple Token are proud of the fact that their Open ST protocol, essentially the basis and foundation of ST Token, has been opened and is usable by developers today, and the first end-to-end integration has been completed in the application Pepo on Blockchains side.

Breaking the cycle of the ICO

It seems that any start-up or emerging business that seeks to be on the cutting edge of technology is trying to take advantage of fundraising through an ICO, while launching a business.

However, although there may be tremendous benefits to launching an ICO, in terms of funding, there are many difficulties and conflicts when using this method to be a Blockchain Business.

Country offices face tremendous regulation and repressive measures, they are doomed to fail when they flood the market, and the management of an economy symbolic can harm the actual activity.

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Simple Token sought to get out of business by minting new digital tokens and keeping that side of the environment Blockchain separate from companies that simply want to use niceley packaged, and crypto-branded chips and Blockchain.