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Blockchain and Tokenization being Simplified for the Mass Market

One can not escape the fact that the Blockchain is the next wave of revolutionary technology. From fax to email to voice over IP, Blockchain integrates all sectors of the market. However, not everyone can access it or use it.

Companies like Microsoft and IBM are exploring Blockchain, making it applicable to all kinds of applications. Even those who oppose its by-product, Bitcoin, still see tremendous value in the core technology. But again, if it's applicable to all, it's not as easy to implement.

Simple Token aims to be the solution for a technological ecosystem that begs to jump on the wave. Simple Token sees itself as the bridge between the Blockchain and the main street

Building this bridge

Because Blockchain technology is still new and exciting, it is also perceived as difficult and expensive for the daily. developer or company to implement. However, its possibilities are endless and applicable to a wide range of sectors

There is a gap that exists when those in the world of Blockchain are racing or entering it to try to finance their startups. However, Simple Token thinks that they can even out the playing field.

Simple Token hopes that they can be the ones that can help mainstream apps to develop and deploy their own symbolic economies of encrypted mark. The advantage, they say, is that these applications can use a Blockchain business without the need to lie and maintain their own publicly exchangeable cryptographic tokens.

Difficulty managing an ICO

While ACIs are all rage, they are not as easy as they can be perceived to take off or even maintain. Many countries repress ICOs solely for fundraising purposes and not for any particular purpose. It has been suggested that 90 percent of these ICOs and altcoins would fail, and on top of that, they would be detrimental to the operation of the main business.

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Simple Token took the initiative to develop a platform allows any application to mark and benefit from certain aspects of its activity on the Blockchain, using the protocol and Simple Token software to simplify and manage the process.

Simple Token calls this to create "brand tokens" by single tokens, which are ERC-20 tokens. Brand chips can not be traded on the secondary market themselves, but only for single chips.

Thus, legal, regulatory and technological problems are removed, but any company can still launch brand cryptography. Using the ST

Simple Token (ST) is a utility token that allows any business to create, launch, and manage its own coin-saving system under the Simple Token brand.

According to Simple Token, the OpenST protocol allows companies to put Simple Tokens into play against their own branded tokens, taped on open-scaled Blockchains in a cryptographically verifiable way.

Used to scale Ethereum without the limitations of the public Ethereum. The SaaS Simple Token platform gives businesses the tools to manage, customize, monitor and analyze their symbolic economy.

Keeping it Open

The OpenST protocol that forms the basis of Simple Token has been open -sourced and is usable by developers today, and the first end-to-end integration has been completed in the application Pepo on Blockchains side.

Main Street Army

Despite the adoption of Blockchain technology is reaching new heights with the adoption and popularization of coins like Bitcoin, it's only in the past. Still acts of a relatively specialized market

Simple Token is of the opinion that because of the difficulties related to the transfer of commercial solutions on a Blockchain,

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Simple Token, therefore, hopes to be this solution that gets everyday, mainstream applications on the Blockchain in order to keep them up to date with the changing landscape.

This could be a turning point in relieving the uncertain and unprepared in the world of Blockchain by holding their hand through the process with the help of Simple Token.

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