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Blockchain-based air travel to New Zealand

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For travelers who are turning to New Zealand this year, the announcement of a major partnership between Air New Zealand and Blockchain Non-Profit. The companies have announced the partnership as a way to bring softness and baggage security, ticketing and other airline procedures.

The connection will provide a solid foundation for Blockchain to greatly influence the travel industry. Many industry insiders see the power of Blockchain technology as a way to streamline the complex and often-broken processes surrounding ticketing, sales, and baggage tracking.

According to the announcement, companies hope to make the most of the partnership, which should benefit both. Winding Tree is particularly interested in the fact that most of Air New Zealand's infrastructure is internal, which allows for a more holistic perspective of the implementation of the technology. Maksim Izmaylov, founder and general manager of Winding Tree, told Cointelegraph:

"The Air New Zealand Partnership is a big step forward for the Winding Tree Air New Zealand platform is the # 39, one of the few in-house technology that allows us to work directly on implementation across the distribution chain. "