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Blockchain fame: Actors, Rock Bands, Lawyers, Anyone

SelfSell The work of thus observant eye has become easier than ever via Blockchain Technology. SelfSell- an ICO that came in 2017 has made it trouble free for all the talents to flourish themselves. Be it an actor, any singer, any band, any dancer, any teacher, any lawyer or anybody in the world who possess faith in himself/herself now is well equipped to reach the greatest heights, to achieve the farthest dreams and to reconcile the happiest moments. 

Let us first think about the possible hurdles you face in growing your talent. Lack of financial resources is most common and often teenagers, who suffer from poor economic conditions of families, are often forced to side-line their dreams, say goodbye to their studies prematurely or take on the disfavoured jobs that can merely subsidize their families. Another issue is lack of direction. You might have enough resources but you do not have much exposure or you do not know what should be done in order to build upon your dexterity. The third possible reason usually happens for visual artists and start-up ideators that you do not get the right platform to display your talent.

SelfSell helps you overcome all such hurdles. First and foremost, it provides financial resources to the investees without any collateral. The only condition is the investee must have firm belief that he/she will create value for himself/herself in future. As on SelfSell, you trade your estimated future potential value to get funds in present. For example- you have an amazing business idea and you strongly believe that once it hits the market, you will soon be an owning a multi-million dollar company. The only constraint is you do not have the required funds to bring that idea to the floor. You can generate those funds via SelfSell Platform. Just contact the SelfSell team and provide the necessary details. You will be presented to various investors and they will ask various questions about your plans. Simply put, if you believe your idea is amazing, you can make them believe too and once it is done, you will be getting enough votes to generate self-coin offering and collect crowdfunding. The best is you don’t have to give up upon your ownership rights and this comes with minimum risk. Now your job is just to prove yourself using those funds.

Secondly, for those who do not have the right kind of exposure, with listing on SelfSell, you become a member of the community where you happen to interact with various investees and investors. It is obvious that you will find people who possess more or less same talents like you especially for singers, dancers, actors, lawyers, painters etc. You get to know what people around you have been doing and therefore can make your own plans accordingly. 

Last but not the least, SelfSell serves the best platform to showcase your talent. One, because you are being observed by many investors free from the world of cronyism, red-tapism, favoritism or any other ‘ism’ for that matter. Second, your viewers are large. If you are talented, people will vote for you and that is the only parameter here. 

Let me quote Warren Buffet here, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” But you have the opportunity to get the fruits the moment you plant that tree. Now it is your task to seize it. 

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