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Blockchain in the game will prevent fraud, improve security and provide a level playing field for developers

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A blockchain property that has contributed immensely to its growth and popularity, but rarely mentioned among other more technical properties, is its ability to eliminate discrimination and unfair advantage between users of the platform.

In most technology-based industries, especially where markets are huge and huge, the biggest players have always found a way to create a very expensive entry point. This automatically ends the multitude of small competitors, thus allowing them to maintain the monopoly in which they operate. The implementation of blockchain technology in these areas will always provide significant relief for the majority of participants.

A huge but defective market

The game industry is very large in terms of market size. The video game industry is reporting $ 100 billion a year via microtransactions, purchase by payment, downloadable content (DLC), in-game advertising and subscription services. The global gaming market of 2017 is valued at $ 108.9 billion, an increase of 7.8% or $ 7.8 billion over the previous year. This market size is sufficient to warrant a deeper analysis of operations and transactions within the ecosystem.

Existing centralized game management systems appear to be defective in many respects. For example, when players submit their information, that it is a user name, a password, a card number of credit, banking information, etc., these data are then stored and controlled by the gaming company. The user trusts the company to store this data securely and appropriately. Often this results in deceptive marketing practices, fraud and theft.

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Existing Threats and Blockchain Solutions

External threats from hackers are also of concern, as having information stored in a particular location makes it an easy target for both software and hardware violations.

These threats are some of the reasons for the current setbacks in the gaming industry since several players, who are primarily technology experts, are reluctant to participate in such a dangerous environment.

Riding blockchain technology, Game Protocol a blockchain disconnected start-up creates a platform that will provide transparency, security and availability for all .

This platform will allow developers to create, publish and distribute reliable and transparent Automated Decentralized Games (DAGs).

A level playing field for all

The GameProtocol DAG is completely built on smart contracts and the code is open and accessible to all and players can at any time check them for bugs or scams.

Every aspect of DAG is completely automated, so players will not be exposed to manipulation by central authorities, nor can their data be used in an unauthorized manner.

Like other industries, independent developers suffer from many challenges that run through lack of funding, advertising and limited resources. In an ecosystem where they have to compete with traditional developers who work with multi-million dollar budgets. help them to have a great development team, advanced technology (such as motion capture technology) and a marketing / PR team with millions in their budget. Independent developers rarely have a chance with their little or no funding, a very small team, basic technology and no marketing team.

By implementing the blockchain decentralized technology, Game Protocol provides a playground where developers can submit their projects, raise funds for development through transparent and secure community efforts.

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Income Regularly Distributed

This platform eliminates any form of bias that currently exists in centralized systems where only established businesses return home with cheese. This will be encouraged through the concept of a shared distribution fund, where all the wealth created by the games is shared equitably between the developers and the players, creating a truly decentralized gaming environment.

Gone are the days when games were played just for fun and used only as a tool for recreational purposes. Emerging technologies are transforming the gaming environment into a viable socio-economic environment where careers are developed not only for game creators and developers, but for many other related professions, including the players themselves. [19459021]