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Blockchain Insurance of Devcon3 Participants Can not Stop the Corruption of the Mexican Police

Travelers attending the Devcon3 conference in Cancun, Mexico, are among the first to world to get Blockchain insurance coverage.

As part of the launch of Blockchain's Etherisc start-up, those traveling to Mexico can obtain automatic refunds for delayed flights via a smart contract.

The lawsuit is underwritten by Atlas Insurance and allows participants to share the risk. "Passengers can choose their preferred reward, see their estimated payment, and make their purchase in ETH or in the main fiduciary currencies."


Devcon3 is an Ethereum-focused gathering of the best developers of cryptocurrency and commercial space development, from the 1st November to 4 November.

The Ethereum Team Screenwriter Vitalik Buterin, among others, will present cryptocurrency

While the Blockchain insurance offer is relevant Increased security pots with reports that participants are being sought for bribes by the local police.

Ethereum entrepreneur and developer Julien Bouteloup, who himself was a victim, reported on Twitter on Monday that "at least four" members of Devcon3 had been arrested for bribes until To $ 5,000

"We now have an accident spreadsheet to record the arrests of Devcon 3 and the criminal incidents, "added Bouteloup in a post on his experience, asking other victims to contact him.