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Blockchain Latium Task Platform Launches Innovative ICO

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US-Based Project Lazio launches an ICO on November 28, with the objective of raising $ 20 million through the sale of 180 million LATX chips. By combining an artificial intelligence-based user reputation score with a one-to-many task relationship structure, counselor John McAfee, creator of the popular McAfee antivirus, is very optimistic concerning Latium :

"I have been in the technology business forever and I think that the Lazio platform and the LATX token are among the most innovative cryptographic products I've seen up to now. Here, "said McAfee. "Lazio joins the gig's economy with the cryptographic economy, providing income seekers with easy access to the world of crypto-currencies and new revenue streams."

The global economy being a "gig economy", where more and more jobs rely on specific tasks rather than a solid job, integrating crypto in the global market appeal to workers who seek to publicize their services on a larger scale. This also has enormous implications for employers as their options have also expanded. Lazio seeks to create a truly global labor market, eliminating local, regional and national barriers to the labor market. An employer will have a much easier time looking for someone with the skills he needs, while enjoying protection knowing that if the job is not done to the proper standards, no salary will be paid. 39 is required.

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Lazio facilitates the hiring process because of the worldwide reputation, which makes the interview process useless. Employers will only have to look at the fair and quantitative score given for each task-maker to see if they are fit for the specific task at hand.

Users are rated from 0 to 1,000, the human opinion being entirely excluded from the equation. Instead, the algorithm uses multiple data points such as completed jobs, rental rate, payment time, task value, and the diversity of workers / employers to name them. only a few. The artificial intelligence algorithm that gives unbiased scores will reassure both task and task managers, allowing those who provide the best services to maximize their earning potential.

"The Lazio platform revolutionizes the way people earn money and opens access to the cryptocurrency market for those seeking income, but who does not Do not know where to start crypto "CEO, David Johnson. "The participants in the sale of chips can unlock immediate value in LATX by using the Lazio platform to hire workers for their tasks."

The LATX token follows the ERC20 protcol, being built on the Ethereum blockchain, proven for its reliability and stability. The first contributors will be able to buy these chips, and use them for the platform when we expect them to leave with an Alpha before the end of 2017, a beta in the first quarter of 2018 and an exit of production at q2 / q3 of 2018.

For more information on the Lazio project, visit .

About Lazio

Lazio represents a paradigm shift in the decentralized economy that rationalizes the way humans work and earn money, using exclusively the LATX cryptocurrency so that users can do business. Lazio is the first work platform to deploy an artificial intelligence algorithm to objectively evaluate users. Lazio provides a one-to-many task relationship structure that allows tasks and managers to find quality partners to work with.

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