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Blockchain offers confidentiality and anonymity online with BitClave

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Many people have the impression of being the product of Internet use, especially on search engines and wherever the personal data of people are expressed.

The current functioning of the online space is characterized by a massive and centralized monopoly between search engine giants and online advertisers who essentially pay invaluable information created by users. Centralized online engines benefiting from the sharing of info.

Search engines receive information when someone is looking for a car, a house or even a new shirt, and they can use that to their advantage by selling it to interested advertisers without the consent of the individual. However, the following announcements are often neither relevant nor relevant, or do not even reach the individual who provided the data.

However, the era of dictation and impotence online comes to an end, and this is happening through the Blockchain, as well as through an anonymous and decentralized search engine called BitClave .

Control your data

Because search engines are essentially the keys to the Internet, they have become mandatory for all, however, the use of search engines allows them to paint an obvious image of the Internet. User for advertisers and target retailers. Only they enjoy having free access to this particular data.

BitClave is different in that it seeks to overturn the system and to ensure that the search engines that "sell" this data are no longer those who will benefit, they will be excluded from the equation and users will be compensated if they decide to share.

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With the BitClave Research Platform, customers not only decide who has access to their data but are also "paid" whenever companies "use" their data to make offers to them.

This allows a much higher level of anonymity. There is no central authority to refer to, such as online advertisers who require this information, and therefore, those with the valuable data can "sell" as they please.

The power to provide

The BitClave platform seems to change the power situation in terms of valuable data. It now becomes the creators of the data that have the power to decide what to do with it.

Anonymity is worth a lot for people, and privacy even more so when it comes to using a system like BitClave where the user is in total control of how much information they want to disclose, they now have the power to provide.

If privacy is not so important to a certain user, then there is the opportunity to take advantage of this valuable information since retailers and advertisers are the ones who are now compensating for this. use of data.

Essentially, all that a user searches for or clicks on is only his business. If a company wants this business, it has to pay for the data.

Saved data.

BitClave uses the Blockchain to improve this confidentiality because there are no intermediaries to manage the data, but rather a decentralized network on the Blockchain.

Consumer information is encrypted and anonymously protected in the Blockchain, so that the only people who can grant access to this information are those who own it.

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BitClave hopes that we will be able to create a new online research ecosystem, both private and at the same time a bearer of power for the consumer.

BitClave successfully completed a private and public pre-sale token event that raised more than $ 16 million. The BitClave team will launch the complete sale of their token on November 8 2017 .