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Bossa Nova Raises $ 17.5 Million for Retail Robots

Why count inventory when robots can do it?

Retailers use machines from a startup called Bossa Nova Robotics to analyze what is selling on shelves. The robots drive autonomously through the aisles of the stores to determine what has sold and then return the data.

The company now raises $ 17.5 million, Series B, led by Paxion to expand its business. Intel Capital, Cota Capital and others are taking part, bringing their total funding to $ 41.7 million.

The robots have become an integral part of the warehouses, but the Bossa Nova are different because they hang out in the shops.

The company "is working on this solution to automate processes in the workshop," said Martin Hitch, commercial director, at TechCrunch. It's "all about improving the customer's buying experience."

The team recently announced a partnership with Walmart, which plans to use the robots in 50 of its stores. The machines will not only evaluate which items are in stock, but will also help locate misplaced items.

And there is no concern about shopping baskets. Robots can feel the obstacles and move around them.

Michael Marks, associate at Paxion, says he invested because the data and robots of Bossa Nova provide valuable information and Real time help retailers He believes that "it's a crucial problem to solve while retailers are looking to create a seamless omnichannel retail experience, which relies on accurate inventory information."

And that probably saves the stores money because they do not have to pay the workers to spend time sweeping the shelves. This would apparently result in job cuts.

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But Bossa Nova hires herself. The startup plans to use the funding to develop its team, putting the emphasis on software for autonomy and artificial intelligence.

The San Francisco-based company has been in existence since 2005.

Image of the hotel: Bossa Nova