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Bringing Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions to the World: Utrust Engages in a World Mission

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Cryptocurrency payment solutions have the potential to become the next big thing not only in cryptocurrency circles, but also as a legitimate payment solution for the rest of the world. But, the basic problem with cryptocurrencies and their effectiveness in a global payment role is the lack of mass appeal. People all over the world are just beginning to get acquainted with the new decentralized approach, especially those living in the developing world, where 2.5 billion so-called "unbanked" individuals are present. Utrust A revolutionary society of cryptocurrency solution, seeks to bridge this gap by engaging in a mass contact movement around the world.

Utrust is one of the pioneers in the development of a multi-currency payment solution and has since announced the first solution based on the protection of buyers. The idea is that you can pay in cryptocurrency and the seller can receive money in currency. Consumer protection is also in the form of a fiat currency, so the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies does not affect the prices of goods or services, leaving transparency at the heart of the economy. 39; operation.

Utrust was not the first to propose such a concept, but he drew first blood by proposing a working model of their system which is now available on their computer. website for view. Utrust is also flexible in the e-commerce sector. in partnership with Soma, a social market platform based on blockchain for strategic and community purposes. Utrust will use this platform to get started as a robust payment solution and there has been a considerable buzz about this clever move in recent encryption circles.

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Apart from the strategic links, Utrust also aims to legitimize its existence in the world by obtaining recognition by the government of its services. The company is registered as a limited liability company in Switzerland. Utrust has realized that recognizing blockchain and cryptocurrency as a legal entity is crucial for its future success. As the rest of the world suffers a crackdown on cryptocurrencies, Utrust will become a legal entity.

As part of its mass-contact movement, the Utrust team will attend conferences around the world to publicize its new platform. Here is a list of all the meetups attended by Utrust:

– Blockchain Economic Forum 2017 – October 31 to November 1, New York, United States

– Web Summit 2017 – November 6 to 9, Lisbon, Portugal

– Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference – November 11, Tokyo, Japan

– Swiss Circuit for Innovation in Wealth – November 15, Zug, Switzerland

– Blockchain Summit – November 22, Zug, Switzerland

– Blockchain Summit London Olympia – November 28, London, United Kingdom

– Blockshow Asia – November 29 and 30, Singapore

– Cryptocurrency World Expo – 1st and 2nd December, Warsaw, Poland

The company places a lot on these forums, but to establish real contacts with people around the world, a more global approach is absolutely necessary.


Due to Utrust's success at least on paper, the lenders were eager to contribute to their new chips. Two pre-sales of Utrust have already been completed and financing targets have been achieved in record time. The main ICO however, will start from November 2 this year and will last a month. The absolute limit will be 1 billion tokens and the total funding target will be $ 49 million. Each token will cost $ 0.065 in the main ICO.

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The most interesting thing about Utrust is that they do not promise unrealistic growth targets even in their ICOs. They assured the donors that their money would be spent wisely to develop their new platform and that they are assured of potential returns as the payment system becomes operational and begins to generate profits from decentralized way.

About Utrust

Utrust is the global pioneer in the implementation of customer protection in its cryptocurrency payment solution. He is creating a Paypal payment solution, accepted worldwide, not only for markets and classifieds, but also for a standalone payment solution. It's one of the most exciting things to come out of crypto in the last stages of this year for sure.

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