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Can Homeowners Insurance Cover For Sewer Line Replacements?

Can Homeowners Insurance Cover For Sewer Line Replacements?

Property owners have a lot to bother about, which could overlook potential issues with the sewer line. Some homeowners only consider the risks triggered by faulty plumbing systems, while others don’t know about the sewage and water pipe tasks beyond their physical wall.

Damaged sewer line and drain can lead to major losses, including the destruction of floors, walls, furniture and other properties. Clogged sewer lines often leave owners with piled-up bills for sewer maintenance, pipe replacement, and structural repairs to worsen issues.

It is possible to guide yourself from financial losses by adding up sewer line insurance to homeowners’ coverage.

Is Sewer Line Insurance A Part Of Homeowner Insurance?

Sewer line insurance is also referred to as sewer backup coverage or water backup. It is not included in almost every standard home policy. Notwithstanding, some insurance carriers provide coverage as a ride to home policies.

Is Getting A Sewer Backup Coverage Recommended?

Every homeowner is liable for pipes that link their home’s water system to the major sewer line. Besides, portions of pipes that link through to the roadway in front of the building are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Unfortunately, some homeowners are not aware of this responsibility and do not get sewer backup coverage when purchasing a home insurance policy. 

It should be noted that those homeowners who do not subscribe to sewer line insurance are at the risk of footing the expenses when a sewer pipe gets faulty. You need a sewer backup coverage whether your home is constructed on a wooded lot, basement, or you bought an old building with the original pipes. Notwithstanding, modern homes encounter lots of risk of sewer line issues. This is the main reason for having this vital coverage.

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Factors to Consider When Adding Sewer Backup Coverage

Every property owner can gain from the protection sewer backup coverage. However, it is important to note the type of coverage needed and what it covers and doesn’t.

Note that some standard insurance policies don’t cover for flood damages. Homeowners living in a flood-prone area are advised to get flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. The Federal Emergency provides this particular insurance. Whatever the case may be, it should be noted that flood insurance will not cover damages caused by sewer line backups.

Some companies offer home service contracts that involve sewer line and drainage repair service. Some offer different services like interior electric repair, water heater repair, power surge, water line services, and replacements. Emergency plumbing services are part of the services offered by these companies. When sewer line insurance is joined, a home service insurance policy will provide comprehensive coverage for your personal belongings and home.


Finally, note at the back of your mind that water backup insurance does not ease you of the responsibility of thorough home maintenance. If an insurance adjuster notices that sewer line loss was due to neglect and irresponsible use, it may lead to denial of the claim.