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Can I Buy HVAC System Parts Without A License?

Can I Buy HVAC System Parts Without A License

For reasons best known to them, some homeowners may decide to put off inviting a professional HVAC service and want to do it themselves. The big question is, “can I buy HVAC system parts without a license?” Professionally, you are not allowed to buy certain HVAC parts without authorization. For your information, most essential components cannot be purchased with a license for safety. In other cases, the seller might want to know the legal liability reasons before purchasing. Keep reading to learn more about why you cannot buy HVAC parts without a license.

HVAC System: What Parts Can’t Be Bought Without License?

One of the essential HVAC fluids in an HVAC system is known as refrigerant. You cannot transport the refrigerant without having a universal refrigerant license. This is because refrigerants contain products (HCFC and CFC) that are harmful to the environment if not handled with care. Sellers highly supervise purchases of this kind to ensure HVAC contractors buy them. You may likely be discovered even if you try buying refrigerant yourself. Some other products are strictly sold to HVAC technicians. Without a proper license, even buying online can be an impossible mission for you. Much caution is applied to this to avoid potential legal liabilities issues.

What Can I Buy Without A License?

Of course, some parts can be bought without a license. However, this action is not recommended. One fact is these parts required professional hands, and when they are not installed properly, you might spend to get them again. Also, you might not know the part you need to buy because these parts work differently and can confuse a non-HVAC person. 

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Why Do I Need An Expert HVAC Technician?

Trying to replace parts all by yourself may render any warranty on your HVAC system invalid. If you go ahead and install a component that later develops an issue or severe damage, you may pay the full cost for replacing the damages. You must call a professional technician whenever your HVAC system needs repair or replacement. Here are genuine reasons an HVAC expert is recommended for you:

  • HVAC technicians are insured, and when there is damage after repair or replacement, you do not need to pay a dime for it
  • Only trained technicians know how to select the right part for your HVAC unit.
  • HVAC technicians are qualified and trained to install and repair any part of your HVAC system
  • HVAC contractors have unlimited access to buy anything needed to make repairs to your heating and cooling units


You are not alone in this. If you have any issues with your HVAC unit, there are experts in your locality that you can always consult. These experts know the best solution for your HVAC system. Aside from replacing and repairing your heating and cooling systems, they can also give you the necessary advice and recommendations to improve your unit’s efficiency and extend its lifespan. In addition, you enjoy improved indoor air quality when you deal with professionals.