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"Can not tolerate this: TREZOR False BitPay on SegWit2x" Games & # 39;

Bitcoin hardware portfolio TREZOR ends its BitPay integration on what its CTO describes as "playing games" with its API. ]

In Twitter posts on Thursday, Pavol Rusnak said that because BitPay could potentially rename the SegWit2x channel "BTC", Trezor would no longer display its tickers.

The hardware portfolio took a cautious approach to SegWit2x, while BitPay, with its Xapo wallet, said it would potentially treat the 2x chain as "BTC" if it got enough support .

"We are replacing … the BitPay exchange rate API in … TREZOR Web Wallet plan to play games with the BTC ticker." Rusak wrote:

The move comes as a major exchange Kraken announced that it was putting an end to its BitGo implementation at the end of October. Mike Belshe, the payment provider's CEO, is one of SegWit2x's most ardent supporters

In an email to users, Mr. Kraken said his decision was "not at all motivated" by the quality of the BitGo service. "

" We are only moving Bitcoin (and linking) to an alternative system that Similar safety benefits with multi-part signature. Moving Bitcoin to the alternative portfolio system will help make our infrastructure more unified and manageable, "she says.

Rusnak jumped on the news to taunt Belshe about his 2x plea. Public condemnation of the hard fork attempt

This week saw opposition coming from the Hong Kong community, with ANXPRO dismissing 2x in front of a group of local businesses and entities private companies forming the Hong Kong Bitcoin Meetup.

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