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Cardcash – a blockchain based mobile business card app development and investment network. is an independent ecosystem of digital, blockchain backed business card and app development tools allowing business owners and individuals to monetize their own apps through a decentralized digital currency (CARD).

With a vision to tokenize business cards and mobile business apps for anyone on the blockchain, CardAppz is projecting into a future whereby users can get paid for sharing business cards digitally, combined with tools and information that can be monetized, without ads or any fees attached.


For more than a century, business cards have been in used across the globe and even in this present digital age, they are still largely in use. Even though the essence of business cards can’t be overemphasized, the traditional method of printing them on papers (papers which can only be gotten through destroying of millions of trees) still applies which is in turn disadvantageous to our environment.

In the same vein, research shows that more than 65% of all websites worldwide are still not mobile-compatible and most local businesses don’t own a mobile app either due to high production costs or accessibility problems.

Using the blockchain technology as an effective and relevant solution, CardAppz is providing an environmentally healthy, affordable and immediately accessible business card and app development solution for anyone with a mobile phone or a computer.

In addition, CardAppz platform is providing a high value reward system, based on a new type of staking algorithm, which makes it possible to pay daily, high rewards to every active user in the network.

CardAppz is a user-friendly system to create business card and other types of apps for all mobile devices. The CardAppz platform comes with a lot of easy to use functionalities some of which includes the point & click functionality; with this, users can build or copy their new CardAppz from existing templates and also maintain their apps in real-time from the platform’s new and innovative UI.

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There is also the print & share feature which allows users to Print QR-codes of all sizes directly from within With this, users can spread the word with their new

CardAppz like never before!

The also comes with multi-functional ERC-20 compatible web-wallet. Users can hold their CARD token in their web-wallet to activate/reactivate their account (at least 25$ worth of CARD) or buy services such as Activation-keys, extra CardAppz, templates, etc. All commissions are paid to users’ web-wallet first. In order to receive your commissions for external use or payments, you can either use your web-wallet or another free ERC-20 compatible Wallet.


The CardAppz platform will make use of the CardCash token which is based on the ERC-20 Ethereum network.


  • Token name: CardCash
  • Abbreviation: CARD
  • Maximum supply: 100 Million
  • Locked supply: 80 Million
  • Available ICO-supply: 20 Million
  • Decimal Places: 18
  • Algorithm: Ethash
  • Contract-address: 0xdb7c83df286f5d9c44aec3d128dad6fee05dc6d1

The CardCash ICO is structured in the Presale ICO and 5 rounds of main sale with increasing CARD prices for each round. The Presale has a fixed start-price of $0.30 / CARD.

The ICO will run for 4 weeks or when the available CARD tokens are sold out.

ICO-Token Prices:

  • ICO-Presale: $0.30
  • ICO-Round 1: $0.50
  • ICO-Round 2: $0.70
  • ICO-Round 3: $0.90
  • ICO-Round 4: $1.00
  • ICO-Round 5: $1.10


CardAppz is constantly developing new features, optimizing and improving the system and also adding new modules, templates and products to the system.

The network is based on innovative goals and practical experience to give users the opportunity to discover new business-partners and let them find you with Why don’t you join CardAppz now?

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