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CBOE Launches Bitcoin Futures, Site Crashes Immediately

In a confirmation of cryptocurrency trading that had its share of growth difficulties this year, CBOE launched trading Bitcoin futures at 17h Central Time. minutes. CBOE has confirmed that slow users (and 404 errors) are due to much higher than normal traffic:

Since the beginning of the year, the adoption of digital currency and the appreciation of price, causing virtually all major trade to cope with their share of slowdowns and accidents. Many had speculated that once Wall Street would be involved, with robust servers capable of (and accustomed to) handling huge amounts of traffic, they would destroy traditional Bitcoin exchanges. Apparently, even big Wall Street companies are going to struggle to cope with the demand for Bitcoin

Still unstable

Faced with the opening of futures contracts, the price of Bitcoin has always been volatile. In the minutes following the opening of the futures markets, the price jumped by more than $ 1,000 just to fall immediately in half. At the time of going to press, the price is again on the rise

It's hard to say how much "feeling" is right, but a lot about the / r / BitcoinMarkets subreddit remained in fiat until the launch of the futures markets. In recent weeks there has been a lot of fears that opening up the regulated futures market could make it easier for institutional investors to short-circuit the currency, driving down prices. Judging by the price action at the moment, these fears seem to have diminished most of the time, but traders remain nervous.

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