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Centro's Ads Basis Platform Now Displays Unified Data at the Creation Level on Programmatic, Research, Social and Display Networks

Chicago-based Centro announced that its programmatic advertising platform Basis can now show advertisers the highest-performing creatives at a granular ad level on DoubleClick, Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and Google Display Network, as well as programmatic and direct. the publisher buys through his own DSP.

For example, a campaign can run the same creative mail on multiple channels. Instead of having to connect to each channel separately to analyze performance, marketers can rate this messaging on all channels in a view in Basis.

Example of creation level report at the transcanal level in Basis.

Centro CEO Shawn Riegsecker said users have always been able to track the performance of a multi-channel campaign with Basis, but they can now see performance at the creative and geography. third party ad servers as part of a multichannel view. This includes video advertising. The video unit metric includes impressions, clicks, starts, finishes, and conversions. The company says that other video metrics could be available later in the year.

Advertisers can make adjustments based on this information in real time on their programmatic and direct purchases made in Basis. At this point, the management of research and social campaigns is done outside of Basis.

In addition, Centro now provides more information on media planning for Open Auctions, Private Markets (PMPs) and Direct Purchasing to Publishers. Strategists can assess whether to work directly with publishers or with stock exchanges and private markets. Its updated publisher directory includes 9,000 vendors and 11,000 contacts for inventory data available on publisher channels and purchase tactics. The directory shows all the available purchase options on a property, the previous contract and pricing data between an agency and a publisher, and PMP offers. The Centro says that it has pre-negotiated 1800 PMP contracts for all its users.

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Centro added native DSP capabilities to the platform last year. In addition to direct media buying and programmatic advertising, the platform also offers universal campaign reports on search and social reporting features, business intelligence and media operations.

Riegsecker describes Basis as the only platform for media buying and running that includes ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) features specifically designed for the digital media industry, a platform DSP form and a BI platform.

Centro says it has about 700 employees and about $ 500 million spent by the media went through the platform last year.

[This article originally appeared on MarTech Today.]

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