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Choose: All Bitcoin or New Zealand

As Bitcoin continues to grow and grow, people are trying to quantify its positioning relative to other markets, businesses, people and even countries. At present, Bitcoin is worth more than the GDP of New Zealand.

Of course, this gives the impression of being a dangerously huge entity, and gives the impression that it swells to a pop-bubble point but with all those comparisons ; from the Queen to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, it is more important to look at its market status.

Bitcoin can buy you a lot of things, in terms of detail, but in terms of value globally, it can buy a lot more. However, despite the power of buying this digital currency, it is still the same small fish in a large oceanic market

What Bitcoin can you buy?

If you suddenly found yourself in possession of each existing Bitcoin, you must first stop your own private island; Richard Branson-esque. But instead of a sand bar, why not buy New Zealand whose GDP is in the economy, is estimated at $ 185 billion, according to data from the World Bank.

You could also opt for Qatar, Kuwait and Hungary.

Business more than your thing? You could enter the banking market ironically and buy Goldman Sachs and UBS. The market capitalization of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is $ 97 billion, while UBS Group AG reaches about $ 67 billion. Add these numbers together and it still falls short of Bitcoin.

Traveling will be important with your new fame, so why not buy Boeing? The aerospace company has a market capitalization of $ 162 billion thanks to more than a century of building the aerospace frontier. Bitcoin is worth more than that and is under 10 years old.

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Maybe you are a little paranoid on this earth and would like military equipment, you could have 14 aircraft carriers. The USS Gerald R. Ford, the first of a new class of nuclear powered supercarriers, was delivered to the US Navy in May. It cost about $ 13 billion

There is also a chance to be the richest person in the room if this room had the rich Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and even his majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. Gates and Buffett arrive with nearly $ 90 billion each, while the queen with a paltry $ 383 million.

Impressive, but insignificant

All of these comparisons really illustrate that there is value in Bitcoin and that it has the power of purchase. Many may look upon this as signs that this emerging currency is becoming too big for its own good, but that is not the case

Comparing the residential real estate market to the number of aircraft carriers you can buy (1,241 by the way) it's ridiculous and absurd. That's because the real estate market is just that, a mega-market that has a structure in place that can collapse, and even pop.

Bitcoin is too small to burst, despite what many people think, like Buffet. Buffett claimed that Bitcoin was a "real bubble," when he was delivering a speech in early October.

"People are excited by the big price movements, and Wall Street fits."

Jim Rogers, the famous investor guru and founder of the International Commodity Index Rogers (RICI), expressed the opinion that Bitcoin "looks and feels" like a bubble.

Through an "odor test "Technically sound, Rogers suggested that Bitcoin is a bubble.In fact, the investment guru said:

" It looks and smells like all the bubbles that I'm having. have seen throughout history. "