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Cluno, the Munich-based "subscription car" service, raises € 7m Series A

Cluno, a start-up operating in Munich that offers what is called a "car subscription" service, raised 7 million euros in funding for the A-series. Tour was led by Acton Capital Partners, with the participation of former Atlantic Labs investor.

Founded in 2017 by the same team as easyautosale, exit at Autoscout24 in 2015, Cluno allows you to subscribe to a car for a fixed monthly and all-inclusive package as an alternative to car ownership or a more restrictive lease. This is a proposal similar to that of Drover, the London start-up that raised 5.5 million pounds last month.

"Our vision is to give people a smarter access to personalized, unrestricted mobility," says Nico Polleti, co-founder of Cluno. "We still see a lot of people who want to have their car in front of their house every day but in a smarter way than today!" Car sharing is not the only way Solution for the mass market.This is why auto subscription solutions or smart ownership will completely change the way people have access to everyday mobility. "

The Cluno service operates as follows: You visit the Cluno website and choose the vehicle to which you wish to subscribe for a minimum period of six months. You then pay an installation fee and a fixed monthly fee based on the model you have chosen, which covers the vehicle, insurance, breakdown coverage, taxes and maintenance. The idea is that the only cost you have left is fuel. You are also free to upgrade or demote your car after six months or can pause / cancel the subscription altogether.

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"Why do customers have to buy, finance or rent a car for several years?" Rhetorically asks Polleti. "People's lives and needs change, just like their cars. We take care of the whole process … Our customers subscribe and get a "ready-to-drive" car and delivered at home.

To this end, Polleti cites the startup's main competition as "buying, financing or renting a car" and claims that typical Cluno customers have generally considered the traditional ways of 39, access to a car. "Then they find us and see the huge advantage of flexibility and an all inclusive rate.I think it's the big difference and the main reason to choose a Cluno car," he explains. .

Dr. Christoph Braun, managing partner at Acton Capital, echoes this sentiment, noting that the notion of mobility is evolving and argues that technologies such as electric vehicles or autonomous cars will no longer be bought or rented in the traditional way .

"In just a few months, Cluno has created an attractive car subscription model that makes these new technologies easily accessible, while traditional leasing offers are characterized by rigid contracts and a lack of transparency, Cluno s' relies on a flexible model, a first digital customer experience with transparent prices all inclusive, "he explains.