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Coinbase: buys and sells "intermittent available"

Coin Exchange Crypto exchange and Coinbase service reported today at 01:53 PST, approximately five o'clock in the hour Press release, Bitcoin (BTC) buys and sells

The notice on the Coinbase website states:

"A recurring problem with l & # 39; One of our processes is that Bitcoin buys and sells become temporarily unavailable.Our team studies and works to restore full service as soon as possible.

Coinbase customers may experience intermittent interruptions of purchases and BTC sales for the duration of the resolution of this problem.We apologize for the inconvenience. "

The official tweet announcing the break in service this morning on the Twitter account Support of Separase has met almost every negative comments from customers, some claiming that their funds had been frozen on the service long ago.

Coinbase had experienced technical problems of a different type earlier this month, when Coinbase customers reported multiple accidental charges for the company. purchase of crypto by credit and debit card. Visa fully blamed the show, citing an unexpected error caused by the change of merchant category code (MCC) for crypto purchases that took place in early February.

The Coinbase site also suffered a crash in May In mid-January, Kraken's cryptocurrency exchange was offline for over 48 hours, after a two-year maintenance period regularly scheduled hours. when a bug has been found in the production environment.

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