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Coinbase coin purse corrects SegWit implementation bug and refunds affected users

Coinbase wallet and exchange service corrected a bug in the payment gateway system. The problem occurred two weeks after the announcement of the launch of transaction support by Segregated Witness (SegWit).

In his Reddit message of March 12, user Coinbase Dazzling_Substance shared a problem with the platform's payment platform. failed to send Bitcoin to a merchant. The user suggested that the bug was due to a problem in the Bitcoin payment protocol (BIP70) that provides communication between merchants and customers.

Dazzling_Substance suggested that Coinbase would have missed the BIP70 protocol update. loss of coins that he attempted to send:

"If you send a payment to a merchant using a payment gateway, they will not receive the bitcoin and you will lose your parts due to a problem with their system (they have not updated the BIP70 to use segwit addresses and your parts are sent to a non-segwit address and are lost in their system

The Coinbase team quickly comments on the problem at Cointelegraph, indicating that the update of the payment protocol BIP70 has been implemented, but the problem has arisen because the # 39; requested payment address was not compatible SegWit. A spokesperson for Coinbase said the problem affected fewer than 30 customers and that it was immediately corrected.

"As soon as we were informed of the problem, we started to solve it … Fewer than 30 customers were affected by the problem and we reimbursed all customers."

The BIP70 protocol was introduced by Bitcoin developers Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn in July 2013 to enhance Bitcoin The US payment processor BitPay announced on December 14 that it will require compatible portfolios with the Bitcoin payment protocol to solve the problem of user payment problems such as underpayments and overpayments.On January 10, BitPay acknowledged that some users have been bothered by the requirement when 39, they had to switch to BIP70-compatible portfolios listed on the BitPay support page.

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