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Coinbase Hard Plan 2x Credits Credits, Bitcoin Gold Shuns

The largest US exchange Coinbase has finally released its official position on the hard BitCoin forks SegWit2x and Bitcoin Gold.

In a blog post on Monday, Coinbase surprised some in the cryptocurrency community by stating that it would keep the BTC ticker for the inherited chain in all circumstances

"Following the fork, Coinbase will continue to refer to Bitcoin Blockchain as Bitcoin (BTC) and the forked Blockchain as Bitcoin2x (B2X)," the post reads.

Coinbase has put longer than many exchanges to publish its action plan regarding hard forks, with a notice given on the same day that Bitcoin Gold separates from BTC.

This lesser-known fork, Dit Coinbase, will only have support if the Blockchain proves safe and invaluable. "

" The information on this fork has been limited and there are concerns about its safety and stability, "he continues.

We do not believe that 39; it is safe to authorize the support of Bitcoin Gold for the moment. "

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is currently listed on Coinmarketcap as a pre-launch token, of value estimated at $ 410 per coin at

The base code for BTG is incomplete, with a lack of protection against repetition still in progress after an open community call on GitHub.