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Coinlancer aims to revolutionize the Freelancing industry using Blockchain; ICO Raises $ 5 Million On Launch Day

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Starting Blockchain CoinLancer announced the launch of its platform of independent investors and already records a massive participation, with $ 5 million raised the first day of his ICO . Coinlancer hopes that its crowdsale event will raise between $ 50 million and $ 300 million to further develop its platform. The sale is underway and continues until November 14, 2017.

All interested participants will be able to purchase some of the 300 million CL chips available for a fixed price of $ 0.25 per chip. The platform Coinlancer supported by a blockchain aims to offer a direct trade of cryptocurrency services between independents and customers, without the need a third. In addition to decentralized activities, the platform also promises much lower fees than current alternatives.

Since the birth of the Internet, the liberal profession has grown considerably as a career and is today one of the most popular professions. The freelance industry currently accounts for more than $ 3 billion but, for the moment, no significant progress has been seen within the blockchain community. The dominant centralized platforms such as Fiverr and Freelancer are still status quo and the fees for their services are substantial. Coinlancer's independent blockchain platform seeks to disrupt the market with a different protocol and lower costs.

Coinlancer offers a freelance platform that uses blockchain technology to create a more meritocratic freelancing environment. The platform uses protocol design and an escrow mechanism based on a smart contract, to democratize power equally between customers and freelancers. The Coinlancer platform uses Ethereum-based blockchain technology to facilitate transactions between the freelancer and the customer, removing the need for a trusted third party. This also ensures the highest level of transparency for audits.

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Coinlancer uses an escrow service to secure customer payments before the end of the project. Once the freelancer has completed the project, the escrow can be released from the platform. This process ensures that the client can not withdraw all their funds once the freelancer has completed the task. Coinlancer plans to accept more than 20 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and many others.

Traditional freelance platforms have a substantial price structure, are not always well managed and offer less security than alternatives to blockchain technology. A current freelance platform charges up to 20% commission to their users. Coinlancer said it was planning to set up a standard 3% fee to its users.

The Coinlancer Platform also employs a court system that allows its users to vote and settle disputes. This more democratic approach gives more weight to freelancers when they resolve potential conflicts with customers. With many other financial markets streamlined by blockchain technology, it's no wonder that the freelance industry has a new competitor.

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