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Cointelegraph ranks the best blockchain players

Cointelegraph ranks the best cryptocurrency and blockchain players, introducing the people responsible for making our industry over $ 400 billion worth. she is today.

What are the criteria, do you ask? Without taking any liberties, we simply calculated the number of mentions each participant received in the general rankings, such as Forbes and Fortune.

The history of cryptocurrency and blockchain was that of innovators and pioneers. Although there was no shortage of start-ups and stops, the industry went from a humble beginning to a global phenomenon in less than a decade.

Last year saw a remarkable growth in interest in crypto records of establishment. At one point, Bitcoin went over $ 20,000, while other pieces like Ethereum also recorded massive gains

We owe it to dozens of innovators and of advocates of the industry. Among them, you will undoubtedly find familiar faces.

Andreas Antonopoulos, the Bitcoin guru, introduced Bitcoin to the masses with his book "Mastering Bitcoin". Roger Ver was one of the first investors in Blockchain and contributed to the growth of the industry as a prominent advocate.

Vitalik Buterin, who has spent only 7 years in the crypto industry, has contributed massively to the creation of the second cryptocurrency. Ethereum in 2014.

We also included people in the media who affect how the world sees and talks about cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. Among these are prominent advocates such as Laura Shin and Perianne Boring

See how we ranked key influencers shaping the future of money.

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