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Confusion App Can Cost Your Small Business 32 Days of Lost Productivity Per Year

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If you are like many other small business owners, you probably need several applications and software to spend the day.

However, if your employees rely on all these software, they can also cause haemorrhaging to your small business.

How could this be? These are the applications and the software developed to make us work smarter and faster.

Well, according to a new RingCentral study, the plethora of applications is causing a lot of confusion at the workplace. In fact, of the 2,000 "knowledge workers" surveyed, research found that 69% of waste was 32 days of waste a year due to confusing applications.

Overload of an application

The Central Ring study entitled "From Work Chaos to Zen: How Application Overload Redefines the Digital Workplace" examines how this confusion occurs.

For example, the report notes that the biggest problem concerns communication applications. Specifically, it is the multitude of these applications used in business.

"Today's workforce is besieged by a flood of communications applications. More than ever, our attention is dispersed over a wide range of applications and communication channels, "says Riadh Dridi, marketing director of RingCentral, in a statement accompanying the findings of the survey.

Think about the number of communication applications you use. It's close to a handful, probably.

RingCentral data show that the average number of communication applications per person is 4. And 20% of those responding to the survey reported using 6 or more. It's a lot of conversations in different places and it's easy to see how time lost can accumulate quickly. If you need to reference these conversations, you must first remember where they went!

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The poll shows that an hour a day can be lost due to the confusion of the communication application. The average worker in the survey said that they will switch between these communication applications as much as 10 times per hour.

The workers surveyed claim that only one communication platform would be the most ideal. However, this may not be possible for small businesses on a budget. What a company can do is to try to centralize all working communications within the company towards a single platform.

Image: RingCentral

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