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Contractor US Expat Tax Accountant working remotely

Data entry clerk Needed For remote work
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Our area of expertise is completing tax returns for Americans with abroad addresses. We are a team of highly motivated, upbeat, and resourceful individuals operating virtually worldwide. We think that success depends on successful execution. We arm you with the resources you require for success, and we bring our clients to you so that you can concentrate on preparing expat taxes and offering first-rate client service!

This isn’t your typical job; it’s more like a business partnership. It’s perfect for those who love the concept of their earning potential being linked to their individual accomplishments, are incredibly organized, and have a natural knack for customer service.

What we are seeking:

  • CPAs or EAs with three to five years’ experience preparing US expat tax returns, with particular expertise in expats’ extra forms and schedules (1116, 2555, FinCen 114, 5471, 3520, etc.)
  • Individuals who feel confident in controlling their workload and schedule. You are compensated for the task you complete and the outcomes; there are no defined hours. You can have as many clients as you like (we pre-agree annual targets)
  • Individuals who embrace technology and consider it as an enabler. Modern systems are used by us (Salesforce, Box, ProSeries, and Lacerte).
  • Highly organized individuals, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines. Anyone who becomes unorganized or stressed out close to a tax deadline will suffer in this deadline-driven industry.

Strong focus on the details: Tax return errors are not cool. We require individuals who will ensure there is never a mistake or overlook.

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Why work with us?

  • Once more, this is not your typical 9 to 5 job. You have particular duties and obligations relating to the promptness of customer service, but it is your responsibility to create a timetable that fits those timings. There are no defined hours for you to work.
  • No commute/no office. The choice of where to work from and when to work is completely up to you. Want to work from Mexico, Bali, or the coast of Spain during the slower season while the tax season is spent in your home office? Our team does that to a large extent.
  • You receive a straight salary based on the number of tax returns you file. Your income potential is limitless, and a sizable portion of our team’s accountants make six figures. But this also pertains to you specifically and immediately regarding your skill set. This is a fantastic chance for you if you hustle, have excellent competence in US expat tax preparation, work hard, and maintain organization.
  • We frequently offer bonuses for excellence in timeliness, organization, and attention to detail. Our accountants have been referred to as “personal tax time heroes”; as a result, we pay them more than the regular rate for each return.
  • This opportunity is perfect for those who enjoy working independently but don’t want to handle the administrative tasks associated with running a business, such as marketing, customer acquisition, billing, and customer service.
  • We have an obsessive focus on providing excellent customer service, and we expect everyone to leave their experience with us wanting to rave about Greenback to their friends. Accountants who believe it is crucial to flourish with us and enjoy seeing their clients’ smiles at the conclusion of each tax season.
  • You will have access to a peer network of more than 30 accountants who are leaders in their field regarding customer-centricity and US expat taxes.
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