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Create Powerful Online Training Events

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Virtual and online training events can be effective when strategically planned and implemented. Like any training, the key factor in online training events is participant participation.

Participate in online training

The factor of engagement in a meeting depends on the ability to seduce all participants. A live or virtual meeting that is fun, interactive and that attracts all personalities will always have an impact on the audience.

The Facebook group closed

A structured and structured Facebook group specifically for online training events is the perfect place to influence your team.

There are hundreds of virtual options for your online training, so why Facebook?

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  • Everyone is already on Facebook
  • Nothing new in the form of downloads or applications is required
  • The group format supports audio, video, and live training styles, as well as link sharing, file downloads, and more
  • Participants can come and go according to their schedule by following the training in small or large segments.
  • Member participation is simple and easy to encourage.
  • There may be an unlimited number of hosts, trainers or experts added to the group as admins.
  • You have the possibility to add members on invitation and remove non-participants

Once your online training is completed, you can make it available for ongoing reference or use as a tool in your training system for new members.

Online training for each personality

The Facebook group training system uses all learning styles because of the multimedia options. Videos, Facebook Live, audio, reading and group discussions are just a few of the options to offer.

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Meeting your team where it is is key to making an impact on your life.

Invite Deb Bixler to your Facebook group and choose a training topic for the entire month.

When you set up your online training events as part of a closed Facebook group, participants will remain engaged throughout the month and take ACTION on what they learn. Even after completing the training, they will continue to return to the group to review and refresh their learning.

The group training system on Facebook is guaranteed to be a success!

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