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Crypto funds are a good idea: here's why:

As the market rises and falls in successive waves, financial investment gurus want to get into the market of different ways. The problem is that there are many things about crypto-currencies that make traditional fund structures difficult or impossible.

However, the Token Fund team is setting up a system that will make crypto funds a reality. will present a solution for cryptomarket: an ecosystem bringing together funds, traders and investors. The TGE of the platform starts at 12 UTС today, November 14 in total, no more than 31,000,000 TBX will be released.

For any type of fund, you have to answer a few questions – why is it safe, why trust a system like this and what are its main features?

Legal Transparency and KYC

Crypto funds continue to appear on the market and for the cryptocurrency community there is a general consensus that the world needs them because they benefit the entire cryptography market. The tricky part, however, is the legality: it is difficult to legalize them completely. Tokenbox intends to solve this problem by registering an umbrella fund that would sublicense other funds and individual traders into the fund.

Again, the pernicious problem of trust and individual security is still present throughout the system. Unlike the eToro platform, for example, where anyone can create a fund or become a trader, the team will ensure that traders and funds that wish to participate will be forced to pass a KYC verification process. These procedures will include downloading identifiers and various database checks performed by external sources.

Trading Terminal for a Perfectly Balanced Portfolio

From a technical point of view, it is painfully clear that MetaTrader in the classical trading business is not suitable for crypto-trading. Tokenbox has therefore developed a proprietary trading terminal under development in partnership with TradingView to meet the needs of different market players – fund managers and traders.

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The new terminal will provide a gateway to the digital world. currency economy and support hundreds of currencies on major exchanges from a single account while allowing consumers to access more than 75 technical indicators and negotiate directly from the chart on all main exchanges. In addition, portfolio managers will have the opportunity to rebalance portfolios based on pre-established parameters through transactions with specific assets, which will significantly reduce the cost of labor. fresh. The software will also allow the automatic generation of reports for portfolios via messengers (using bots), etc. The trading terminal would also involve connecting accounts with third-party services that help traders.

At the same time, the Tokenbox platform will not only bring together different actors but will give them access to a valuable predictive financial analysis, created by collective and artificial intelligence on the Cindicator platform

] Market Liquidity Solution

Liquidity can also be a struggle, since the majority of crypto exchanges establish rather tight entry / exit limits, even after KYC checks – often as low as 25 $ 000. For institutional clients who want to be in the business, this amount is ridiculously small, and it's a real problem limiting any form of adoption.

Traders on the Tokenbox platform will be able to use corporate accounts, which have an increased operating limit and a liquidity aggregator will allow funds to simultaneously complete transactions on multiple marketplaces, which will allow them to access more cash through a single interface.

speed without necessarily entering or removing assets on an external trading market. In this way, the transaction costs also decrease. Tokenbox plans to imitate The Token Fund, allowing each fund to create its own token.

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Fund Tokenbox

which will be the equivalent of a portion of the fund. The process of issuing and redeeming tokens is entirely based on the Ethereum smart contracts.

Tokenized funds may be open, closed, corporate or private, with any management strategy and funds may invest in symbolized assets. Investor equity rights are certified in the form of tokens of funds. Investor funds receipts, the issuance of tokens, the reverse process of payment of funds and the commission of funds – everything is fully automated. Payment processing is linked to the fund's smart contract, and the value of the assets stored on the fund accounts, exchange accounts, including funds reserved for order execution, is also calculated automatically. .

exist and can be successfully transferred from traditional markets to cryptomarket. Tokenbox plans to correct legal functionality by creating entities that will sublicense traders and funds wishing to use the platform. The company aims to become a cross-platform solution that works on all operating systems and all phones, with simple interfaces and capital and legal applications.

The Tokenbox team also promised to give $ 6 million the first 10 funds saved on the Tokenbox platform.

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