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Cryptocurrency advertising bans are a step in the right direction

Google has banned cryptocurrency and ICO ads, a decision that follows Facebook's decision to do the same. The language is clear: you are no longer allowed to advertise crypto-currencies and related content (including but not limited to initial offerings of coins, cryptocurrency exchanges , cryptocurrency portfolios and cryptocurrency trading tips).

This is good news.

In the Wild West of Crypto, things can happen in two ways. First of all, the industry can ignore the rationality and decorum and pump and dump the ICO all day until the SEC, the FBI and the European authorities each arrest each other. between them. Or, if the industry takes the slow and steady route, builds self-regulating bodies, and avoids the pump-and-discharge tactics of scammy so maybe the industry can become mature.

Currently, the methods of selling tokens are ridiculous. More recently, I spotted a symbolic advertisement that featured a slightly dressed young woman in a compromising position – all in order to see financial instruments. In addition, "crypto geniuses" like James Altucher have polluted all our food in recent months with strange claims and falsified product offers. Enough, that's enough.

The sad thing is that cryptocurrencies must become boring before they can work. I always come back to the early days of Linux. There were flame wars, screeds, and dark FUD practitioners. Nobody could agree if KDE or Gnome was a better desktop environment and bad luck if you took the wrong one. The world was filled with angry, aggressive and passionate people.

Fast forward a few decades and now these same people are gently typing in cabins making millions of dollars. Their early zeal, while seeming stupid, has borne fruit. And now, Linux is completely boring, a tool that programmers use to run servers in the blink of an eye.

Cryptocurrency must move in the same direction.

Until it is hidden, until we do not know where the blockchain stops and where the rest of the world begins, and until we get rid of get-rich-quickers and scams, the industry will not reach the rank it deserves. The fools and their money are soon separated. Google and Facebook are right to do something to protect them.

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