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DearBrightly backed by YC makes skin care Rx more accessible

Almost everyone wants a better skin, but not everyone wants to do all the necessary work.

But DearBrightly, a company supported by Y Combinator, wants to simplify the process of making retinoids Rx available to everyone.

Retonoid is a generic term for both Retinols and Retinoids Rx, which are made from Vitamin A and promote the rapid turnover of skin cells, thus helping the skin problems of aging in the skin. ;acne. Retinols, however, can be found over the counter and have proven to be much lower than prescription retinoids because they often lack the active ingredient of retinoic acid.

In other words, retinols are much more accessible but much less effective than Rx options. On the other hand, reserving time for a dermatologist for purely aesthetic reasons is not always a priority for people, even if they want better skin.

That's where DearBrightly comes in.

Users simply log in to DearBrightly and answer a few questions about their skin, formulated in collaboration with dermatologists, and send some pictures of their skin. DearBrightly then sends this data to one of their dermatologist partners, who determine the correct level of prescription and diet.

Users then receive their personalized retinoid Rx cream without ever having to consult a dermatologist.

DearBrightly only works with PAAB-accredited pharmacies and is currently operational only in California, with laws varying from one state to the other.

DearBrightly charges a service fee to dermatologists who write prescriptions as well as to the client who receives his new skin cream. Given the youth of the company, this can change. Yet co-founder and CEO Amy Chiu says the cost to consumers is cheaper than it would be to go to an offline dermatologist.

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