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Debt Education for the Savvy Entrepreneur

As a new business owner, there are many things you need to understand before you enter the market. At the forefront of them is a good knowledge of income and expenses. At a rudimentary level, income should always exceed expenses to allow a business to operate in the dark. Even with leverage, a company must be careful not to overburden itself with financial obligations, that is, debts.

One of the most useful resources to use in this regard is a debt quiz. Here are some of the questions you should understand personally and commercially:

  • What is your monthly expenditure on food and beverages? (Grocery store, eat at the restaurant and alcohol). The US national average is $ 587 .
  • How much do you spend each month on housing? (Rent or mortgage, utilities including gas, electricity and water). The national average of the United States is $ 1,420.
  • How much do I spend each month on clothing? (Clothing and shoes). The national average in the United States is $ 142.
  • How much to spend each month for transportation? (Vehicle purchases or lease refunds, insurance, gas and public transit). The US national average is $ 750.
  • How much do I spend each month on health care? (Insurance, doctor visits and medical services, prescriptions and supplies). The national average in the United States is $ 587.
  • How much to spend each month in entertainment? (Concerts, movies, theater, events, pets, hobbies, etc.). The national average in the United States is $ 216.
  • How much do I spend each month on contributions? (This includes alimony and child support, contributions to education, political organizations, religious institutions, etc.). The US national average is $ 162 .
  • How much do you spend each month on insurance and pensions? (This includes personal insurance, life insurance, social security and pensions). The national average in the United States is $ 464.
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Overall, the average debt in the United States is $ 48,420 and, depending on your income stream, you can gauge your position on the spectrum.

A quiz on debt seems like a rudimentary budget. It lists all expense items and assigns categories to each component of your overall spend. As an individual or company, it is sacrosanct. Without a clear understanding of how your funds will be allocated, it is impossible to run a business successfully.

It should be noted that for-profit and not-for-profit operations require maximum efficiency. Budget constraints apply at all levels, and only companies with a clear understanding of resource allocation can succeed in a competitive market.

How to effectively manage debt

Whether you are organizing a solo exhibition or a multinational company, it is imperative that the debt be managed efficiently. It starts at the local level with the credit lines you have.

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<p> Be aware that personal loans, business loans and credit cards (personal or business cards) play a big role in the management of expenses. Credit cards with a 0% APR for 12 months – 18 months are preferable to credit cards with high APRs (annual percentage rates). In addition, if a business has a petty cash account, this should be used to defray expenses related to credit card purchases for the company. </p>
<p> By paying a credit card in full each month, it is possible to enjoy benefits such as cash back (between 1% and 3%), loyalty miles, time-sensitive discounts and so on . Another benefit of paying cards as quickly as possible is that interest is not paid on interest. Since revolving credit is a major expense item, it is best to tackle this debt issue head-on. </p>
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Various other options are available such as debt consolidation loans to "consolidate" similar debts like credit card debt with a single loan that covers the total amount of global debt at a rate of up to $ 500,000. lower interest.


Entrepreneurs need to protect their most valuable assets, such as human capital and financial capital, as these are the engines of growth and prosperity. One of the first steps is to learn how to manage your debt well. Start today.