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Decentralized travel distribution platform eliminates middlemen to make your travel cheaper

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Travel abroad increased 3.9% in the first eight months 2017, according to the ITB World Travel Trends report. With cheap airlines, more people, especially in Asia, take trips and enjoy the trip. However, not everything is good with the travel industry.

The tourist landscape is dominated by a handful of companies, which has led to a sort of cartelization that benefits neither the travel industry nor the people. it should serve. End-users of services associated with the travel industry rarely seem to benefit from the so-called highly competitive industry. While there may be a plethora of options to choose from when booking online trips, there is no real choice as Nasdaq points out, "Nearly three-quarters of Consumers in the US are not aware that they are essentially comparing travel booking options between two companies that have many affiliates.While Expey currently owns about 75% of the travel market in Online in the US via sites such as Trivago, Travelocity, Hotwire,, Egencia,, Classic Vacations, etc., Priceline holds most of the remaining market on its websites. , Agoda,, etc. The Association (American Hotel & Accommodation Association (AHLA)) states that these two OTAs together own about 95 percent of the US online travel market. "

For travelers to have a real choice, they will have t need the industry to innovate and develop new ways of distributing products. Winding Tree is building a new decentralized and open source travel distribution platform to meet the needs of the traveling public as well as travel product suppliers. The platform would involve no centralized control, which means that there will not be many intermediaries to raise prices. There would also be no barriers to entry, so that ultimately small businesses in the industry could have a footing of equality with the big boys

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] The trip should be a question of freedom

faceted approach to reorganize the travel industry. It will allow the distribution of stocks directly to the outlets by eliminating costly middlemen and bottlenecks. This will also allow retailers to have more choices, as they would be able to source from all Winding Tree suppliers without having to worry about any mark-up fees. As a democratic platform, the governance model would allow anyone to propose change, which would put everyone on an equal footing. The Winding Tree Foundation will ensure that the trip becomes something that everyone will appreciate. Last but not least, customers will benefit from all these facets that will transform the travel industry and will be able to use Lif tokens on the platform to pay for their trip.

Lif in the heart of Winding Tree

The Lif token is at the heart of the Winding Tree platform. The token would be useful for making transactions and also helping platform users to participate in the governance of the platform. Winding Tree is holding a Token Generating Event starting February 1, 2018. The prize has been held between Lif 1000 and Lif 900 for ETH (Ethereum). Fundraising for Winding Tree would continue without a ceiling for a period of two weeks. We expect the price of Lif to increase after the first week. Lif tokens would be distributed more than seven days after the end of fundraising. There is no cap on the number of chips and the markets will decide how many Lifs are generated. The excess funds (over $ 10 million) collected will be stored in a Market Validation Mechanism (MVM). This will allow sales participants to withdraw part of their contribution by sending their Lifs to the MVM. More information on ICO can be found on the Winding Tree website, including details on how to participate. In addition, a white paper has also been published by the platform as well as a one page document that gives details of the project and its dynamics.

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Partners of Great Names

Winding Tree was named one of the most promising ICOs of early 2018 by the Merkle. They presented the MVM as one of the highlights and write: "The public sale will take place from February 1st. There is a soft cap of $ 10 million and the excess funds will be placed in a smart contract that will allow token holders to sell back up their chips at ICO rates. If less than $ 5 million is raised, investors will be repaid and tokens will not be created. 75% of the total supply must be distributed through the ICO. "In addition, the Merkle also appreciated the fact that their efforts have the potential to change the nature of the travel industry itself.The fact that the project has managed to make sure that the titans of the Travel industry partners are something that really works in favor of the Winding Tree. "Currently, they have Lufthansa, Swiss, Air New Zealand, Austrian, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings." Nordic Choice Hotels, one of the most Scandinavia's major hotel chains with around 190 hotels in Scandinavia and the Baltic region, is also associated with Winding Tree.

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Interesting, the small island country of Aruba in the Caribbean will be one of the first experimental sites of the project in order to avoid that the crucial tourist receipts of the island are transferred abroad thanks to some travel agencies in line (OTA), the ATECH foundation, responsa Aruba technical development, associates with Winding Tree so that tourists can associate directly with the vendors.

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Winding Tree would be one of those projects that would certainly deserve to be watched over the course of the year. Using Blockchain to attack one of the most tightly knit industries could trigger a disruption that could change the game for all stakeholders.

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