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Deep Space, Adult Content and Meetings: Last Week in Crypto

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Be sure to take a look at the previous round-up here, let's move on to what happened in crypto this the last week. We regret the delay with the roundup of the weekend but, as they say, better late than never.

Price monitoring:

  • Bitcoin was up 15% for the second week in a row. The gains come after a slight gain 2 weeks ago. After rising to $ 8,400 early last week, the price climbed to $ 9,400. Despite rising prices, bitcoin dominance edged down for the second week in a row. Some analysts have attributed the rapid price gains to an extreme volume.
  • Ethereum was up 30% last week for the second week in a row. The move comes as the currency sees the increased volume of Robinhoods crypto expansion. Other fundamental analysts have pointed to the potential deregulation caused by the extreme decentralization of Ethereum as reasons for rising prices. Technical analysts continue to insist on the price spike is purely the result of the increase in volume across the board
  • The overall cryptography market grew by 40% last week after strong rises of 20% last week. Only Monero gained 12% ( 1 billion dollars ) in a giant green candle. Bullish sentiment continues to return to the market.


Regulation & Application:

  • The American Invasion of Bitmain: Bitmain, the Chinese giant bitcoin, received approval from an American Bitcoin mining operation. This measure comes after years of lobbying and should result in a lease that will create 40 jobs.
  • Bitcoin Drug Bust: An Australian woman was arrested last week for buying drugs on black canvas. The authorities did not specify whether or not the police used a tool such as Bitfury Crystal.
  • Russia banned the telegram in the wake of the companies of nearly 2 million dollars from the OIC 3 weeks ago. The company was banned after failing to hand over the encryption keys required by the Russian authorities.
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