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Deloitte predicts e-commerce will outpace store spending during the holiday season

After interviewing more than 5,000 US consumers, the 2017 Holiday Deloitte survey revealed, for the first time, that people plan to spend the majority of their vacation budget online.

The prediction is based on the survey question asking participants: "What percentage of your total vacation budget do you spend: online via a desktop or laptop, online via a smartphone, online via a tablet, in-store, catalogs or direct mail, or other? "

While the survey borrows a strange way to arrive at this figure, the results showed that 36% of vacation budgets will be spent on a desktop or a laptop, 10% on a smartphone and 5 % on a tablet. 51 percent of vacation dollars that planners plan to spend online.

What percentage of your total vacation budget do you plan to spend using the following methods of purchase?

According to the survey results, online shopping outperform the in-store shopping experience in five key areas, the biggest advantage being the ease of search.

Key Store Attributes Driven Retail Format Preferences

Deloitte reports that 83% of survey participants said that they would use a desktop or laptop for their holiday shopping. (This question from the survey was separate from the question asking what percentage of vacation budgets would be spent online or in store.)

When asked how they plan to use their desktop computer, 75% of respondents say they browse online, 75% shop online, 68% check and compare prices online and 62% read reviews online.

How do you plan to use a desktop / laptop computer to help you do your shopping?

The survey reveals that smartphones are mainly used for shopping during the holidays: online browsing (67%), checking and comparing prices (65%) and tracking the status orders (63%).

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Fifty-nine percent of survey participants said they planned to use their smartphone to buy holiday items.

When asked how they plan to use their smart phones to make holiday purchases, the vast majority (40%) said they would pay a retailer via the # 39, retailer application.

Twenty-two percent of respondents state that they will pay for in-store items using a mobile wallet solution such as Apple Pay.

Expected use of mobile as a payment platform

In the press release announcing the 2017 Holiday Holiday Survey of Deloitte, the firm expects an 18-21% increase from one year to the next of e-commerce sales 2017. Last year, online spending between November 2016 and January 2017 increased 14.3% over the previous year, totaling $ 93.8 billion.