DHL, Accenture Reveal Blockchain Prototype for Attacking the "Handling" Pharmaceutical

The logistics giant DHL has announced that it has been associated with Accenture and created a prototype supply chain based on Blockchain on March 12th.

Joint press release, the two companies presented a trend report for Blockchain in parallel with what appears to be ongoing projects to introduce technology into the global pharmaceutical supply. "The tracking registry for these drugs can be shared with stakeholders, including manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors." Lab simulations show how blockchain can handle more than seven billion unique serial numbers and 1,500 transactions per second. "

Authorized Blockchains have been an area of ​​continuing interest for Accenture over the past year.

In September 2017, the company filed a patent for an "editable blockchain", allowing companies to resolve human errors, meet legal and regulatory requirements, and address misdeeds and other problems while preserving key functionality cryptographic.

While the concept of manual modification of Blockchain data seems counterintuitive to a technology in which an immutable registry is at the heart of its effectiveness, the DHL system seems equipped to tackle the endemic problems of the pharmaceutical industry such as forgery. "

" We see a particularly exciting potential for blockchain in pharmaceuticals, which is why we focused our proof of concept with Accen "Keith Turner, CIO at DHL Supply Chain commented."

"By using the inherent irrefutability in blockchain technologies, we can make great strides in highlighting falsification, reducing the risk of counterfeiting and saving lives. "