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Do you want to go to your biggest challenge for small businesses? Read this first

As a philanthropist and host of several TV shows such as "Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," Ty Pennington has a proven track record of motivating people. That is why Small Business Trends was happy to interview him and learn what he thought was the biggest challenge facing a small business.

"People who have small businesses focus on their passion.They do not always know what it is that to try to market or the best way to achieve that goal with their mark, "he said. Pennington will host the third season of the Small Business Web Revolution series – Main Street. He says finding a team that can focus on branding for you can revolutionize the way you look at your business and help revitalize a small city that is fighting at the same time.

Small Business Revolution – Main Street

Business Services

Small Business Revolution – Main Street is sponsored by Deluxe, a company that offers a variety of small business services. The show brings together community leaders, experts and small town professionals to help small towns and small businesses. During the first two seasons, small businesses in Indiana and Pennsylvania received assistance with business and marketing advice, as well as hardware enhancements totaling $ 500,000.

Voting for the winner of the third season underway here

Amanda Brinkman plays in "Small Business Revolution – Main Street" and she is also the executive producer of the show. She told Small Business Trends that she saw a few areas that challenge the success of small businesses.

Know your numbers

"We saw two things: first, their finances, it's important to know their numbers and what their numbers tell them," she adds, adding that the second big challenge is staying to understand and understand the technology curves that help small business owners make the most of digital innovations.

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"Many people have not created a business because they could not wait to create a website or use email marketing to stay in front of their customers," she says. .

In addition to working on the upcoming season of "Small Business Revolution – Main Street," Pennington's flagship show, Trading Spaces, is expected to air on the TLC network in April.

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