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Do's and Don'ts of Summer Fridays

If you have never attended a summer friday at the office, you may not know the term. Summer Fridays are usually held on Fridays in companies in June, July and August. Some companies will close the office for half a day, while others will close completely for the day. This gives employees the opportunity to leave work early and use the extra time as they wish.

However, implementing a Summer Friday strategy is not as simple as it sounds. Before you decide to give your team the green light to close their workstation earlier, keep the following points and do not think about making sure your summer Fridays are a success for everyone.

DO … Plan in advance. Do not start planning how you will carry out this kind of initiative in May, long after everyone has asked for free time to take a vacation. Start developing a strategy early in the year and consider all the details to find out how it will work. If the company closes its doors early every Friday, but that's still considered to be in its opening hours, how will you inform your customers and customers of this decision? Will you choose to rotate employees who are allowed to leave earlier to keep someone who is actively working in this department? If you employ hourly workers, how will the lost hours affect their wages? Consider every detail and plan as much as possible.

DO … Consider the financial savings. Believe it or not, summer fridays can help your business save money. If you operate a showcase or work outside of an office, your team will be away for a few hours, which can help you save on your electricity and air conditioning bills.

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DO NOT … Allow employees to see this benefit as a reason for the coast. Summer Fridays are usually a reward for all the hard work that your team has done over the course of the year and should be treated as such. Remind your team that they must continue to do good work and avoid slacking off. If you notice that productivity levels are decreasing or you notice that the privilege is being abused (for example, if you leave much earlier than planned), you may decide to stop offering the benefit the following year. .

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DO … Meet your team if you decide to set up on the summer fridays. It is good to send an email at the company level so that everyone knows what will happen, but it is even better to meet in person. By meeting with your team, you can answer your questions or concerns in order to keep everyone on the same page.

DO NOT … extend the initiative. They are called on the summer fridays for a reason, so do not let the benefit continue beyond August in the fall months.

DO … Use it as an advantage when hiring new employees. When looking for new talent to join your team, you'll want to play all the benefits that come with working in your company. Summer Fridays are an excellent incentive that potential candidates may consider as another wonderful reason to join your team.

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