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Dynamic Search Ads are for amateurs or superheroes

So, machine learning in AdWords is great and certainly the future. But the dynamic ads of the Research Network? Not so much, in my opinion.

In this column, I would like to talk about Dynamic Search Ads (ADS), which generally address new users of paid search, and I will share some caveats.

When to use the DSA

Dynamic search announcements are generally for beginners and are used in the following situations:

  • If you have a very large volume account, and your website is basically perfect in terms of SEO. (However, even if perfect, most SEO sites are far from optimal.)
  • To insert new keyword ideas into a managed account.
  • As a catch-all, or to sweep the extra traffic.
  • For an inventory management feed (IMF), where you have neither the time nor the money to do it manually or use a bespoke technology.
  • If you are new to paid search or absolutely do not have the time to run campaigns.

Apart from these situations, I can find little reason to use DSA. I'm sure Google will crack it one day, but this day is definitely not there yet.

Why DSA fall to work

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