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E-mail marketing goes hand in hand with e-commerce

ShippingEasy launched automated e-mail marketing Thursday as a supplement to its customer management module.

This new tool has a powerful rules engine that helps users increase sales, the company said. It can perform the following actions:

  • Set a trigger to send email to first buyers immediately after uploading an order – personalized with a logo and a specific coupon code if desired;
  • Automatically sends an email requesting customer feedback on the order and the shipping process, defined by the order size and set for shipping after a specific interval to ensure that the delivery has been made;
  • Define the target customers for loyalty rewards or voucher promos based on various criteria, including the frequency and price of purchase, or when and how long they have completed a purchase.

Automated email marketing can also be configured to generate product reviews, incentivize related products and win back customers.

A plug-and-play model library is provided, including coupons, product review requests, comment requests, first-time buyers, and VIP buyers.

Back-End Support

ShippingEasy's cloud-based e-commerce shipping platform offers the cheapest postage rates to the US Postal Service, according to the company.

Compatible with existing UPS and FedEx accounts, and works with Endicia.

Users can integrate it with the shipping APIs of 3dcart, Amazon Premium Shipping, Amazon Central Seller, BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, Etsy, Magento, QuickBooks, Shopify and more.

"ShippingEasy is primarily about inventory management in the distribution chain," said Michael Jude, head of research at Stratecast / Frost & Sullivan.

"They are already managing the shipping process, so the addition of email-based marketing would be a real time saver for their customers," he told CRM Buyer .

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"ShippingEasy has unique data that no other vendor possesses without deep integrations," said Rob Zaleski, digital content marketing specialist for the company.

"We have all the details regarding the stores and the market, product details, order details and shipping details," he told the buyer CRM.

The automated Email Marketing tool connects to the ordering and shipping data of the user companies, allowing the automatic triggering of emails while users perform their normal operations, said Zaleski.

ShippingEasy customers can at any time add their own customer or user lists to the company's systems.

Specially designed for e-commerce

ShippingEasy's automated email functionality has been "designed and built exclusively for e-commerce businesses," Zaleski said. Since ShippingEasy is cloud-based and uses the Software as a Service model, "no hardware or database installed is needed."

The company's customer management module, including the new automated email marketing tool, costs between US $ 9 and US $ 49 per month, depending on the number of orders processed by a customer.

"Unlike many competitors, customers can have an unlimited number of subscribers and lists," Zaleski said.

Target market

The automated email marketing tool is aimed at small e-commerce businesses. It's primarily used to target consumers, but it could be used in a B2B environment, Zaleski said.

That said, automated email marketing "seems to have much more resonance in the B2C space," notes Jude de Frost. "It has largely supplanted the traditional leaflets that people received in the mail."

Automated email marketing would not work as well in the B2B environment, he suggested, because "it's very difficult to target the right people, and the purchases are kind of like pulling, no pressure."

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ShippingEasy's automated email marketing tool is "an appreciable time-saver that also boosts customer service for small businesses or the network of individual sellers," says Cindy Zhou, Senior Analyst at Constellation Research.

"These small businesses have resource issues," she told CRM Buyer, "when they design and deliver emails to customers for offers or related products, or inform them about the status of their customers. # 39; s shipping. "

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