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EasyEmail is AutoComplete for Gmail

Despite successive waves of startups swearing to kill emails, email has never been stronger. It seems that the best way to live with emails is to let AI steal the work of writing them.

EasyEmail, emerging from the last batch of Y Combinator, aims to get into your inbox and help you navigate future messages using the past as a guide with an AutoComplete feature.

After downloading the Chrome plugin, the service spends 10-20 minutes filtering your sent messages and getting a good idea of ​​how you write your emails. From there, the service lounges in your "compose a message" window bringing the autocomplete ideas to the body of your message. The interface can be a little cluttered and the utility takes a little time to organize the answers, which you can actively suppress future suggestions.

Compared to the predictive text features on your phone that can complete a word or two, EasyEmail is ambitiously attempting to complete your sentences based on how you usually complete your sentences in emails.

Your mileage with the plugin will depend heavily on what you use it. In its first iteration, the application seems most useful to those who are trapped in sending many monotonous messages. If you work in the field of sales or public relations where you repeat the same questions and answer the same questions, I imagine that the time saved is much more palpable. For me, the plugin surfaced a lot of nonsense for quality reasons rather than quantity, clearly stating that there was still a long way to go to improve the plugin's knowledge.

What can be more useful to a wider base of users, is how the plugin allows users to set shortcuts and display bio info or links in the body from their emails without having to search the info and again.

Co-founder Filip Twarowski tells TechCrunch that the next step here is to find out how you respond to certain people and answer your questions so that suggestions are more casual with knowledge and more formal with managers or associates .

EasyEmail is a very promising tool and clearly tackles great challenges. Depending on how you use it, the plugin is a lightweight module that could save you valuable time browsing the minutiae details of sending tons of emails.

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