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EC publishes report on possible applications of blockchain in education

The European Commission has published a report on its study on possible applications of blockchain technology in the education sector. Among the things analyzed by the commission are the feasibility, challenges, benefits and risks of using technology in schools and universities. Possible use of Blockchain for digital accreditation of personal and academic learning. The report is intended for decision makers in the education sector.

Part of the report read as follows:

"This exploratory study focuses on the value … Blockchain can bring to sector stakeholders, with a particular focus on its potential of digital accreditation of personal and academic learning. "

The eight proposals of the report

The commission presented eight scenarios on how Blockchain can be used to solve the challenges in the education sector. Challenges include accreditation and credit transfer, digital certification, multi-step accreditation and student payment transactions.

In its conclusion, the commission warned that the applications of technology in the sector are still in its infancy. . He reiterated that only a "fully open" implementation can achieve the real goals, as well as Blockchain's promise in education.

Increasing Adoption by Blockchain Educational Institutions

Despite his childhood, a growing number of educational institutions are of interest to Blockchain. Among them, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which recently awarded digital degrees or diplomas to more than 100 graduates as part of a pilot project involving Blockchain.

In addition, the Federation of State Medical Councils (FSMB) also launched a Blockchain pilot program focused on digital certifications of medical students

As part of In this program, the board tested the open source standard called Blockcerts, developed by Learning Machine Technologies and the MIT Media Lab.

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